Program Trading

Program Trading

FX Program Trading desk provides you with transparent, rules-based currency execution, freeing you up to focus on your primary business goals.

All of our programmatic trading strategies benefit from price netting, meaning trades in the same currency pair, priced via the same program at the same time and in the same location receive the same base rate. FX Program Trading is also segregated from our FX Sales & Trading business, enabling us to execute your orders while minimizing market impact.

Our suite of non-discretionary trading solutions carry out your FX orders in a systematic fashion, providing you with low-touch means of gaining the passive currency exposure you require.


  • Session-based trading is useful if you’re executing transactions throughout the day. Calculating a rate by considering the market range over a predefined time period, one rate is determined per session.

  • For clients who want a more tailored execution program, defined spread enables execution of FX at a predetermined time during the trading day.

  • This program tracks a prescribed FX benchmark or index.

  • These customized non-discretionary strategies can be designed to defined parameters you instruct.

  • Our range of FX client algos enable you to manage your currency exposure utilizing a number of algorithmic strategies. Learn more about FX Algos.

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