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BNY Mellon Investment Management’s Alternative Investments 2024 report examines non-traditional investments that could take advantage of eight cyclical and secular themes, potentially offering different return drivers and risk profiles to help portfolios remain resilient in varying market climates.


Speculation on the influence of Artificial intelligence (AI) pervades every corner today. Few industries seem untethered from its potential impact, likewise global productivity. BNY Mellon’s Global Economic and Investment Analysis (GEIA) team outlines its view on the economic implications of the new technology wave.


GEIA Mideast view: inflation pressures may grow from Red Sea actions

Chronically constricted Red Sea shipping lanes could raise the cost of Europe-Mid-East-Asia trade and slow the disinflation process at major economies. Read more at BNY Mellon Investment Management. 


iFlow: Macro investor trends

BNY Mellon Markets strategists examine iFlow data in-depth to construe how real money investors are positioned across asset classes and present data-driven views on topical developments in fiscal and monetary policies.


Mellon's 2024 global economic outlook

Mellon Chief Economist and Macro Strategist Vincent Reinhart and Global Economist Nicholas Tocchio analyze global economic challenges and possible developments in 2024 including slower growth, monetary policy changes and potential geopolitical risks.


UK wallet watch

2023 was a year of high inflation, interest rate increases and an ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Explore a statistical recap of the price impact felt in the UK last year.