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BNY Mellon regards our suppliers as trusted providers, and we can expect to collaborate to achieve mutual success, innovation, and growth.


Our purpose, values, and behaviors are at the core of our culture.  In addition to providing our company with goods and services of exceptional quality, we expect you to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct.  If issues arise, we expect you to engage us promptly to resolve them quickly and fairly while protecting the integrity of our offerings. We look forward to working together to build a strong foundation and deliver excellent experiences for us and our customers. 

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Supplier Responsibilities

The BNY Mellon Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) describes the basic expectations and requirements for suppliers. As a practicing advocate of health and safety, human rights, environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, ethics and other responsible business practices, BNY Mellon holds its suppliers to similar standards of excellence.


We hold our supplier relationships to the highest ethical standard and strive to select suppliers solely on the merits of quality, innovation, performance and cost effectiveness. These relationships are important for our continued success.

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Supplier Diversity

Diverse businesses, such as those owned and operated by MWBE’s, play a critical role in helping BNY Mellon achieve its objectives as a leading financial institution. These firms supply the quality products and services that allow us to remain efficient and innovative in our businesses and the global marketplace. We value their contributions and are committed to continuing our support for diverse firms that wish to participate in our procurement process.


Supplier diversity further engages employees and creates value; it helps us manage risk, save money, improve visibility, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. We see the power and potential in how supplier diversity will help us be more nimble in addressing global megatrends to grow and enhance our business. Supplier diversity enables us to leverage a  broad range of providers to drive greater value creation.


The information on Building a Diverse Supplier Base will help define our prospective supplier requirements for diverse suppliers. If your firm is not a current supplier but wishes to express interest, please register your company on our Diverse Supplier Registration Portal.  



Environmental, Social and Governance

At BNY Mellon, we’re committed to using our global reach, influence, and resources not just to power success today, but also to help create a more sustainable future.


BNY Mellon relies on a broad network of suppliers for a variety of products and services to support our company and successfully deliver products and services to our clients globally. The development of sound supplier relationships can help BNY Mellon continue to improve our performance and market position and uphold our responsibilities to the market and our clients. 


By harnessing the power of our purchasing influence, we also seek to cultivate a diverse, responsible supply chain that helps people and communities reach their full potential. Our Supplier Diversity program includes suppliers across minority, women and other diverse groups. We strive to conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, manage social and environmental issues responsibly, manage risks and safeguard human rights in our supply chain.


Learn about BNY Mellon’s Environmental, Social, and Governance principles and practices by clicking here.

How to Engage Us


Services We’re Looking For


Explore the variety of products & services that we may be seeking.

Consulting Services, such as:

  • Business Strategy/Performance Improvement, Technology, Regulatory/Compliance, External Audit, Risk Management, M&A, Implementation/Change Management

Legal Services, such as:

  • Outside Legal Counsel Services, Collections, etc.

Explore the variety of products & services that we may be seeking.

Advertising, such as:

  • Production & Collateral

Mass Media:

  • Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor Advertising, Interactive, Social Media

Customer Acquisition & Retention, such as:

  • Corporate Sponsorships, Events/Tradeshow, Market Research

Explore the variety of products & services that we may be seeking.

Appraisals, such as:

  • Residential Appraisal, Commercial Appraisal, etc.

Title Services, such as:

  • Closing Agent, Residential & Commercial Filing/Recording/Property Reports

Data Services – Commercial, such as:

  • Commercial Credit/Risk Data, Financial/Market Data, Subscriptions/Publications, Data Investment Services

Explore the variety of products & services that we may be seeking.

Human Resource Operations, such as:

  • Employee Recognition, HR Operations, Outplacement

Office Supplies, such as:

  • Branded Merchandise, Coffee & Water

Travel & Entertainment, such as:

  • Airfare, Hotels, Meals & Entertainment

Corporate Risk (Insurance)

Talent Development (Training), such as:

  • Training Facilitation, Online Learning, Instructional Design, Leadership/Organization Development

Explore the variety of products & services that we may be seeking.

New Construction/Facility Upgrades, such as:

  •  Branch Renovation, Major Building Construction, Signage

Furnishing & interiors, such as:

  •  Carpet/Floor Covering/Ceiling Tile, Office Furniture, Window Treatments

Site Repair/Maintenance, such as:

  •  Electrical Repairs & Services, Telecommunication Repairs, Roofing Repairs, Painting, Locksmithing Services, etc.

On-going Basic Services-recurring, such as:

  •  Enterprise Catering, Cleaning, Snow & Landscaping

Professional Property Services, such as:

  •  Architects, Engineering, Surveying, Records Management

Explore the variety of products & services that we may be seeking.

Investment Products & Services, such as:

  • Brokerage Services, Platform Services, Settlement Services, Fund Clearing Services

Treasury Management Products & Services:

  • EFT Services, International Products, National Health Care Services

Equipment & Maintenance, such as:
• Mainframe Equipment & Storage, Network, Office Equipment

Services, such as:
• Data Center Support, Disaster Recovery

Software, such as:
• Aggregator, Application Specific Software, Operating System Software

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