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The Bank of New York Mellon (the Company) wants to hear from you. If you have a question about our Code of Conduct and related policies, or if you want to report a concern regarding ethical business conduct, please contact the Ethics Help Line. This phone line is answered by internal Ethics Office staff members.


If, however, you are uncomfortable contacting the Company directly, you can contact EthicsPoint, an independent hotline provider as an alternative channel to raise your concerns. Alternatively, you can contact a Non-Management member of the Board of Directors.




Ethics Help Line

The Ethics Help Line is operated by the Company's Ethics Office and is available to employees and others to:


  • Ask questions about the Code of Conduct and related Corporate Policies;
  • Provide information about possible violations of the Code of Conduct, policies or law; and
  • Report concerns about activities that may place the Company's reputation at risk


All contacts made to the Ethics Help Line can be anonymous and confidential.


You can contact Ethics Help Line by:



  • United States and Canada: Call 1 888 635 5662
  • Europe: 00 800 710 63562
  • Brazil: 0800 891 3813
  • Australia: 00111 800 710 6356
  • Asia: 001 800 710 63562 (except Japan)
  • Japan: appropriate international access code 00531-11-0463 + 800 710 6356
  • All other locations: Please use your country’s international calling prefix, and then call (United States)  1-412 -236-7519




The Bank of New York Mellon
P.O. Box 535026
Pittsburgh, PA 15253-5026



Ethics Hot Line


The Ethics Hot Line is operated by EthicsPoint, an independent hotline administrator, to assist employees and others to report information regarding conduct that is inconsistent with our Code of Conduct, or places the Company's reputation at risk.


All contacts made to the Ethics Hot Line can be anonymous and confidential.


You can contact the Ethics Hot Line by:



  • United States or Canada: Call 1 866 294 4696
  • Outside the United States and Canada: Your country's access code + 866 294 4696



File A Report online using the Ethics Hot Line. This Web page is hosted on an EthicsPoint secure server and is not part of The Bank of New York Mellon's internet or intranet sites.


Visit their website:




Communications Concerning Accounting Matters and Direct Communications with Presiding Director


Any interested party, including any employee, may make confidential, anonymous submissions regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters or internal accounting controls and may communicate directly with the Presiding Director (who is independent of management).


Such anonymous reports and communications may be made by letter addressed to:


  • The Bank of New York Mellon
    Church Street Station
    P.O. Box 2164
    New York, New York 10008-2164
    Attn: Non-Management Director


Interested parties may also send communications to the Presiding Director by e-mail at

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