Enterprise Sustainability

We apply a sustainability lens across our enterprise, leveraging the rich diversity of our people and supporting their wellbeing, driving responsible business practices and supporting communities.


TSK-4116 Stanford Partnership 04

Learn how Loop Capital is furthering opportunities for minority communities through a trusted relationship with BNY Mellon.

“Wall Street has long missed the opportunity to seriously promote and change minority communities.”

— Jim Reynolds, Jr., Founder and CEO, Loop Capital

“The GRACE Grant has definitely allowed me to be more focused on school without having to worry about all of the outside noise.”

— Branton Barnes, Howard University Senior

TSK-4116 Stanford Partnership 04

Discover the BNY Mellon Bold Share initiative and its mission to support students in need through education in collaboration with Howard University's GRACE Grant.

TSK-4116 Stanford Partnership 04

BNY Mellon partners with Optus Bank to bridge the wealth gap in underserved communities and helps small businesses thrive.

“Banks enable the global economy to function. It's the people on the ground—the individuals—that really bring the community together.”

— Jansen Sauvageau, BNY Mellon Director of Public Sector Treasury Services

Awards & Recognitions

BNY Mellon strives to make a positive impact in the world directly on peoples’ lives. Our efforts have been recognized by media, professional organizations and community groups from around the world.

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