The Path for
Foreign Investors

Conditions in China are changing rapidly, and many barriers to foreign investment have been removed, but market friction persists. Are investors ready to take the next steps with their portfolios?

Find out how foreign investors are thinking about future opportunities in China and what challenges they face as they grow their portfolios.


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What's Next for Foreign Investors' China Portfolios?

BNY Mellon interviewed 300 global asset owners and asset managers to explore foreign investors’ appetite for China and the challenges they face.

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“Despite China’s efforts in liberalizing its capital markets, foreign investors still need to navigate between different access schemes and funding models. They may also require support when adapting to local market rules, infrastructure, and post-trade processes across different asset classes.

— Steve Wager, Head of Global Markets Management, BNY Mellon

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Foreign Investors Seek More Exposure to China

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But They're Being Cautious

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