Escrow and Specialized Agency

BNY Mellon Has the Scope of Expertise and Distinct Capabilities to Best Administer Highly Specialized Assets


We’re adept at delivering multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional solutions within varied accounting and legal frameworks. Our unrivaled experience, extensive resources, and client commitment drive us to create distinct solutions.


BNY Mellon allows you to focus on your core business in today’s demanding financial markets, by relieving you of the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with statutory and regulatory requirements.


Popular funds supported by our Corporate Administration Services team include: 

  • Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”)-SICAV
  • Specialised Investment Fund (“SIF”) 
  • Private Asset Management Companies (“SPF”) 
  • Risk Capital Investment Company (“SICAR”) 
  • Securitization Companies


Our services include: 

  • Provisions of registered addresses 
  • Central location for safekeeping of corporate documents received 
  • Safekeeping of documents for 10 years after liquidation of the fund 
  • Preparation, attendance, and arrangement of board and shareholder meetings 
  • Filing of annual and semi- annual reports, LFR with regulator 
  • Arrange filings at the LuxSE with Luxembourg Listing Agent 
  • Filings in the Luxembourg Company Register 
  • Support publications to clearers, LuxSE and/or newspapers as required by law and/or the funds prospectuses

We are here to provide clarity in a complex escrow environment, where there are many transaction components and interested parties with differing objectives. The need for a trusted escrow agent can often be overlooked until a transaction is about to close.


We recognize the importance of escrow arrangements to the successful completion of business transactions and place great emphasis on providing flexible solutions with rapid turnaround times.


Our escrow service encompass: 

  • High-quality service delivery by experienced client service teams 
  • Standard escrow agreements for a range of worldwide jurisdictions which can greatly reduce legal costs at the account set-up stage 
  • A streamlined investment process with a wide range of investment options
  • Tax documentation preparation services 
  • Safekeeping & custodial services for a wide range of securities and asset classes (including use of Vault) enhanced by our unrivalled sub-custodial network 
  • Web-based single sign-on platform for accessing your accounts

BNY Mellon offers solutions to both insurers and reinsurers looking to diversify reinsurance capital by transferring risk to the capital markets. As a leading provider of trustee and agency services, we have the expertise to help navigate alternative capital options.


We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in insurance and reinsurance transactions with global, multi-jurisdictional administration capabilities.


We act as trustee and in various agency capacities to support a broad array of insurance and reinsurance transactions, including: 

  • CAT Bonds 
  • Sidecars 
  • Collateralized Reinsurance 
  • ILS Fund Structures 
  • Mortality Bonds 
  • Regulation XXX/AXX Securitizations 
  • Longevity Risk Swaps 
  • Industry Loss Warranties

More corporations are turning to BNY Mellon for a more innovative and beneficial collateral mechanism. We understand that traditional collateral methods to meet corporate insurance obligations are increasingly posing challenges to risk managers and corporate treasurers.


We partner to uniquely address your insurance trust needs. Our committed insurance trust team navigates through legal documentation and other requirements governing the administration of varying trusts. We meet the fiduciary responsibilities of an insurance trustee and administer each type of trust fund pursuant to the applicable trust agreements and regulations. We also provide insurance trusts with income distributions, asset substitutions and regulatory certifications.


Benefits we deliver to clients: 

  • We are accepted by the applicable regulators and most insurance carriers 
  • Our insurance trust is usually far less expensive than a LOC 
  • The assets remain on the books of the depositor 
  • The income from our insurance trust is generally sent back to the depositor, not locked up in a trust 
  • Our insurance trust is not a credit mechanism. Its purpose is to reduce credit restrictions

As one of the world’s leading providers of trust services, we understand the principles of Islamic Finance and the codes and practices that govern it.


Our depth of experience and capital markets expertise provide a multitude of solutions across a diverse range of Islamic Finance transactions.


Some of the structures that we support for Islamic finance include the following: Sukuk certificates, Shari’a compliant notes, Trust certificate programmes, Murabaha,  Mudaraba, Musharaka, Ijara, Ijara wa’iqtina leases, Istisna’a financing, Bai salama, Al-Wakala, Musharaka, Al-Wakala-bel-Istihmar.


In addition to our standard agency and custodial role types, we can provide you with the following roles and services for our Islamic finance clients:   

  • Delegate Trustee 
  • Sukuk Noteholder Representative 
  • Security Agent / Collateral Agent 
  • Listing Agent 
  • Escrow Agent

Issuers benefit from our integrated service solution, combining listing capabilities with trustee and paying agency service offerings. Our approach enables you to control the overall issuance and launch process, and to better manage your investor relations.


With our global capabilities and local market expertise, we are uniquely positioned to guide our clients through the listing process. As one of the leading Listing Agents, some of the key elements of our client-focused services include:

  • Accelerated market entry and guidance through the initial listing process from the mandate stage through to transaction closing 
  • Smooth negotiation process with the Issuer’s chosen stock exchange 
  • Assisting issuers with the continuing obligations of each exchange once the securities have been listed 
  • Smooth negotiation process with the issuer’s chosen stock exchange 
  • Management of the communication flow between deal counterparties 
  • Reduced listing time frames resulting in significant cost savings to Issuers 
  • Ability to support EU Regulated “Main Market” listings and Exchange Regulated market listings

Project Finance is a complex process requiring a complete understanding of market practices and project administration. We have the expertise and experience, along with a consultative and collaborative team, enabling you to effectively conduct the most complex transactions.


As an independent intermediary acting on behalf of all parties, we deliver solutions that help you maximize value and mitigate operational risk in project financing transactions. We can administer your debt and cash-flow activities throughout each phase of the project lifecycle to ensure a smooth and successful execution.


Our comprehensive services for global project finance initiatives and public private partnerships include the following: 

  • Fast, cost-effective account set-up with quick turnaround times 
  • Access to a broad range of directed investment options, with multi-currency capabilities 
  • Longstanding reputation for excellence and proven expertise to Issuers and their investors 
  • Dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience to service your project specific needs

BNY Mellon provides a single servicing source for sponsors and underwriters of Tender Option Bond programs. We deliver for a wide range of structures, such as single asset trusts and newer programs with non-uniform bonds.


We have the size and scale for seamless administration in multiple roles. We are your trustee, tender agent, paying agent, registrar, transfer agent and custodian.

  • Industry standard technology is used, with the potential to interface with clients that use TOPs system. This provides greater efficiency when processing the day-to-day administration 
  • Knowledgeable staff with depth of experience in this market, familiarity with all derivative types, and a varied and responsive securities servicing history are the reasons we are the partner of choice 
  • Our employees have years of experience with the Delaware Trust structure

BNY Mellon is a leader in custody services. Our global expertise and extensive resources enable us to offer trilateral custody solutions for a variety of alternative lending arrangements.


Trilateral custody solutions facilitate safekeeping of secured interests between parties in alternative lending arrangements, e.g. non-traditional secured lending or reinsurance collateralization. 

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