Collateral Segregation

Collateral Segregation

Our collateral segregation solutions are designed to help you efficiently and effectively manage your margin.


  • As you reevaluate your margin and collateral management practices, discover the automation, security and clarity that can come from the right solution.

    • Collateralize a variety of transactions
    • Explore ways to free up liquidity
    • Improve operational efficiencies across market participants
  • You need to know where your collateral is and be able to access and move it among counterparties as needed to support financial transactions.

    • View the details of collateral positions, as well as margin excesses and deficits.
    • Access data interactively, online and real-time or download the data in a variety of formats
    • Increase transparency because the amount of your collateral is always visible and available without the risk of rehypothecation by the counterparty
  • Collateral segregation helps to expedite return of assets upon a counterparty’s default.

    • Post and maintain securities in segregated collateral accounts
    • Segregate from one collateral provider account to multiple counterparties in a highly scalable manner
    • Agree to the collateral amount to be segregated through matching instructions from counterparties as additional safeguards

Business Insights


Collateral Management and Segregation in Motion

Are you asking the right questions about collateral management and segregation?

With regulatory and market changes having a significant impact on balance sheet management, liquidity and financing, institutional investors and financial institutions need to consider collateral holistically across a variety of transactions.


The Evolution of Collateral Segregation

Global regulatory reform is reshaping and redefining the way institutions are required to post margin, manage collateral and segregate assets.

Watch our latest video to see how collateral segregation has evolved after the 2008 financial crisis and to learn how BNY Mellon’s suite of collateral segregation tools, technology and solutions can help you navigate the regulatory reforms.

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Collateral Solutions for a Changing Market

In this third paper in our collateral management series, we explore a range of innovative solutions available from BNY Mellon that can help financial institutions and institutional investors meet today’s collateral challenges. 

Our Thinking

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Collateral Management: A Review of Market Issues

In addition to compliance with regulatory requirements, firms should take a broader, strategic approach to deliver on their ultimate long-term commercial goals.

“The aim of the new regulations is to influence market behavior, so it is unsurprising that changes in market behavior are being observed across many collateral related product areas.”

Collateral Management: Navigating the Regulatory Maze
The Field Effect & BNY Mellon, March 2016

READ MORE ABOUT Collateral Regulatory Changes

What We Do

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A Collateral Treasury Function for the Buy Side

BNY Mellon’s Staffan Ahlner shares insight on how the buy side can manage liquidity by building an in-house collateral treasury function.

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Being Dominick Falco

Tasked with finding segregation and collateral solutions that are economically viable while meeting new regulations across multiple regions - all without the final rules set in stone – what does Dominick Falco, BNY Mellon’s new global head of segregation product, have planned?

“While the implementation dates for market changes and new requirements vary, the impact is reshaping and redefining the way institutions are required to post margin, manage collateral and segregate assets.”

How to Build a
Collateral Segregation Solution


Why Collateral Segregation?


Broad reach across three continents


Helping Clients solve their trading, financing, liquidity and collateral needs


Global in scope, regional in design, local in delivery

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