Our transfer agency services offer a single, consistent way to do business across the global marketplace.

A global transfer agency solution can help you create a standardized operating model across geographies, meet multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements and create a consistent client service experience. 




Gain Efficiencies with Integrated Fund Services

Improve the oversight, security and management of your funds by integrating our Custody, Transfer Agency, and Fund Accounting services. Our core capabilities can help address your complex challenges, whether you need access to liquidity or enhanced data-driven insights to help drive better business outcomes.


We Go Beyond Traditional Transfer Agents

Our wide range of transfer agency services also includes multi-currency and multilingual capabilities for offshore portfolios, facilitating seamless adaptability to address the multi-jurisdictional regulatory, tax and currency challenges faced by global investors.



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Drive Efficiencies into Global Operations

Whether we’re providing transfer agency services in the U.S., Europe or Asia—our goal is to create a more consistent delivery of those capabilities for clients.


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Deliver Consistent Client Experiences

A global transfer agency operating model enables us to leverage best practices across our many operating locations.




Consistent Experience for Global Investors

Investment managers, distributors and platforms can now deliver a consistent investor service experience through simplification and standardization across the markets they service.



Support Growth Objectives with Global TA

Emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Blockchain can help Asset Managers gain insight into more targeted product development and distribution.

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A Practical Approach to the EU’s GDPR for U.S. Transfer Agents

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) has “extra-territorial” effect, meaning it may apply to non-EU firms that process EU resident personal information. This article provides some practical considerations for United States-based transfer agents.

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