We provide innovative mutual fund transfer agency services designed to go beyond traditional transfer agents.

Offering a comprehensive array of investor recordkeeping and shareholder servicing capabilities, our services are designed to be transparent to the end investor — from initial client inquiry through to fully customizable outputs.


We Go Beyond Traditional Transfer Agents

Our wide range of transfer agency services also includes multi-currency and multilingual capabilities for offshore portfolios, facilitating seamless adaptability to address the multi-jurisdictional regulatory, tax and currency challenges faced by global investors.



2017 U.S. Tax and Regulatory Client Forum Highlights

Our Client Forum is a key way in which we empower our clients to better understand and to navigate their way through the evolving environment. Topics included discussions on regulatory change, tax reform and technology.

Christine Gill


What Can Asset Managers Expect From the DOL Fiduciary Rule?

Christine Gill, BNY Mellon’s Head of Investor Solutions Group and U.S. Financial Institutions, discusses the DOL Fiduciary Rule and what the changes mean for clients.

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Shareholder Servicing: A Whole New World

Part 1 of a three-part series on the impacts of SEC adoption of money market fund reforms on shareholder servicing.

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Storm Clouds on the Horizon?

Charles Hawkins, Vice President, Transfer Agent Regulatory Management, discusses the modernization of the SEC’s transfer agent rules release from a mutual funds transfer agent perspective.

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It’s Not Your Parent’s Transfer Agency

Responding to Changing Dynamics within the Mutual Funds Industry

The business of mutual fund transfer agency is evolving. Over the last decade, this evolution was evident as mutual funds and their transfer agents responded to challenges presented by innovations in shareholder servicing models.


Evaluating your Oversight Program

With the growth of subaccounting, the Transfer Agent (TA) is no longer the single platform for an asset manager’s data. Michael Mitchell, Vice President, Global Investor Services Group, discusses "Distributed Recordkeeping" and how these changes have spurred discussions regarding the operational processes and technology employed in conducting oversight.

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