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Combining our global experience and commitment to client service, our full suite of services and innovative solutions support a wide range of fund structures and strategies and can help clients keep pace with the changing regulatory environment and navigate global financial markets.


Our fund accounting and administration technology is built to meet business information demands for funds and streamline operations. We combine our proprietary technology with best-in-class third party applications to provide our clients with a robust and efficient platform.


Our open and scalable architecture can handle expanding transaction volumes across virtually any fund type and asset class. Running globally across time zones—NAVs are calculated at multiple valuation points catering to local market requirements across multiple jurisdictions.


A single instance of core systems and a global control framework reduces risk and allows our clients to focus on allocating their resources to their key business priorities. Built to be exception-based, our accounting solutions provide rich reporting functionality. Our investment in digital technologies, including APIs, widgets and dashboards, help ensure that access to data and its utilization is optimized, whether for accounting or administration purposes.

BNY Mellon offers a full array of administration services to support your efforts to increase efficiencies and remain compliant with evolving industry regulations, so you can focus more of your resources on growing assets.


Putting our insight into the fund industry to work for you, we offer a full array of administration services including financial reporting, tax services, compliance and expense budgeting.


Our full-service capabilities allow you to make more efficient use of fund resources. We help you realize cost efficiencies by assuming routine fund administration responsibilities from your fund counsel and/or your internal staff. Our team of experienced professionals prepares your fund’s documents with precision and in accordance with your specific deadlines. 


Providing comprehensive regulatory knowledge, we keep you current on technical matters and can help you address regulatory issues and developments via periodic calls, newsletters and regulatory alert communications.

An innovative, provider-agnostic, suite of solutions to deliver greater NAV oversight and resilience for the investment industry.


Our capabilities include NAV oversight and back-up NAV solutions for funds serviced by BNY Mellon or other providers. We deliver enhanced controls and more efficient NAV reviews, while maintaining back-up NAV production and dissemination across all asset classes in a single-provider or multiple-provider operating model. These solutions are designed to help reduce risk and cost of internal shadow book, internal oversight, contingency solutions and other third-party software.

NAV Review

  • Aggregates fund accounting data directly from one or more service providers, reducing the need for manual collation
  • Provides additional NAV validation and oversight of your fund administrators
  • Performs automated NAV validation rules and maintains a full audit trail
  • Provides insights and analytics that identify and alert to exceptions

Oversight with Expected NAV


NAV review capabilities plus:

  • Calculates expected NAV based on unique NAV ProtectTM algorithm without shadow accounting
  • Performs expected NAV to actual NAV comparison, and daily movement analysis identifies valuation exceptions for escalation with drill down capabilities
  • Improves ability to address oversight duties by delivering:
    • Independence from fund administrators
    • Managed data and daily prepared workload
    • Intraday oversight prior to NAV release
    • Portal access for transparent, evidence based review of the oversight process

Back-up NAV, leveraging the strength of BNY Mellon

  • Dedicated back-up NAV workflow
  • Leverages computed expected NAV
  • Structured, auditable and rapid fail-over methodology
  • Reliable and accurate performance over a multi-day outage period
  • Operates off independent data sources
  • Independent of primary accounting service providers and accounting platform
  • Delivers NAV through alternate dissemination path

Focus on your fund strategy, not your fund structure.


You want to reach new markets and access a broader range of investors in order to grow. But starting and operating a fund from scratch can be costly and labor intensive.


The Global Fund Access solution allows you to quickly establish or reorganize funds and easily address the regulatory, compliance, and day-to-day operational challenges. We take care of the routine and resource-intensive tasks so you can focus on what’s important—growing your business.

BNY Mellon’s automated suite of tax services offers an effective way to streamline your tax analysis process and provides an array of decision-support tools to help you to increase your accuracy and efficiency.


Leveraging our experience as a leading fund accounting provider, our tax services combine a staff of experienced professionals to assist you and analytical tools to help you make strategic portfolio investment decisions in a timely, efficient manner.


Through our modular and flexible technology architecture, our tax services are automated and integrated with our core accounting capabilities, or on a standalone basis. Whichever service model you choose, we offer a wide range of real-time functionality and compliance support features, including the ability to automatically process wash sales, perform excise tax calculations and analysis, and ready access to fiscal year-end information, tax adjustment calculations and analytical reports.


We also support preparation of all required federal and state income, excise and franchise tax returns for funds where we act as administrator.

BNY Mellon offers chief compliance officer (CCO) support services designed to help comply with SEC Rule 38a-1 under the Investment Company Act of 1940.


Our integrated Rule 38a-1 compliance support covers many BNY Mellon services that touch your fund, whether you use our fund accounting and administration, regulatory administration, transfer agency or alternative investment services. Support services include:

  • 24 /7 access to BNY Mellon’s policies, procedures and summaries via a secure website 
  • Quarterly/annual certification letters relating to BNY Mellon’s activities under its 38a-1 compliance policies and procedures 
  • Periodic meetings with BNY Mellon to review policies and procedures and discuss industry best practices 
  • Annual CCO Forum providing interaction with industry experts 
  • Quarterly newsletters communicating relevant regulatory issues

BNY Mellon’s support for pooled funds begins with product inception. Using our consultative approach, we work with you to assist in your development of product plans and provide information for your consideration in your decision making.


Our consultative approach to support your commingled fund offering provides implementation plans, sample documentation and personalized training related to our suite of supportive services. We work closely with other key service providers and can provide references for legal counsel, auditors, and others to support the launch of your new products.


As an experienced and skilled administrative partner, BNY Mellon can help you fully realize the advantages of commingled funds. We currently service the following fund vehicles: 

  • Delaware Statutory Trust 
  • New Hampshire Investment Trusts 
  • Limited Partnerships 
  • Limited Liability Companies 
  • Group Trusts 
  • Collective Funds
  • Common Trust Funds 
  • Offshore Funds 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Hedge Funds 
  • Turnkey Mutual Funds (FundVantage)

Addressing Industry Best Practices for NAV Oversight and Resilience

Make informed oversight decisions and maintain NAV continuity with our provider-agnostic NAV Solutions. Our capabilities are designed to deliver enhanced risk management, greater transparency and oversight and improved efficiency — so you can focus on what matters most to your business and your investors

Gain Efficiencies with Integrated Fund Services

Improve the oversight, security and management of your funds by integrating our Custody, Transfer Agency, and Fund Accounting services. Our core capabilities can help address your complex challenges, whether you need access to liquidity or enhanced data-driven insights to help drive better business outcomes.

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A Powerful Global Solution for New Fund Launch

Establishing a new fund can be complex and labor intensive. Discover how Global Fund Access can help simplify the process so you can access the U.S. market through ‘40 Act mutual funds, and distribute into more than 70 global markets from Luxembourg.

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