Global Fund Access

Focus on your fund strategy, not your fund structure.


The Global Fund Access solution allows you to quickly establish or reorganize funds and easily address the regulatory, compliance, and day-to-day operational challenges. We take care of the routine and resource-intensive tasks so you can focus on what’s important—growing your business.


Deliver your strategy to:

  • The U.S. market (’40 Act mutual funds)
  • More than 70 global markets from Luxembourg (UCITS)

Why BNY Mellon?

You want to reach new markets and access a broader range of investors in order to grow. But starting and operating a fund from scratch can be costly and labor intensive.

One of the world’s largest global custodians with $38.6 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration.1

#1 Full-service transfer agent2 supporting $3.6 trillion in assets globally.1

#2 Full-service fund accounting provider3 supporting $5.9 trillion in assets globally.1

1 As of September 30, 2020.
2 2020 Mutual Fund Service Guide based on # of clients.
3 2020 Mutual Fund Service Guide based on # of funds.


Navigate the complex process of starting and running a registered fund.


Global Fund Access creates cost efficiencies over operating a stand-alone fund, reduces operational complexities, and gets you to market quickly.


We help you tap into fund complexes operated by existing management companies that provide an operational fund structure that reduces your legal, administrative, regulatory reporting, and compliance complexities, as well as an independent board and governance framework that gives you greater transparency while reducing your startup and ongoing operation costs.


  • The BNY Mellon team has over 30 years of experience helping asset managers establish and service funds across jurisdictions.
  • We service proven fund structures offered through established management companies (U.S.: FundVantage, EMEA: MultiConcept Fund Management S.A., a Credit Suisse company) and support a framework that is designed to provide a global solution that can serve as the entry point for firms looking to enter either the U.S. or EMEA fund markets.

Access more investors in more markets.


Our step-by-step process simplifies market entry, while our global service model provides a consistent client experience—so you can better deliver on your investment strategies.


Whether your base of operations is in the U.S., EMEA, APAC, or LATAM, our unique offering is designed to help you maximize efficiencies, and effectiveness. Our professionals have specialized local knowledge and experience in starting, operating, and servicing funds in the markets you want to be in.


  • BNY Mellon provides a comprehensive fund service model focused on “on–the-ground” deployment of domain and service delivery experience, risk management, and compliance expertise, supported by the operational scale, robust security, and balance sheet strength of a global systemically important bank.
  • FundVantage*: Non-U.S. managers can launch ‘40 Act mutual funds to access U.S. investors in as little as 4-5 months, or U.S. money managers can start their own funds targeting U.S. investors. Also, existing funds can reorganize and refocus resources in the U.S. market.
  • MultiConcept: Managers can launch their fund in Luxembourg in a shorter timeframe than launching on their own, tapping into a diverse business culture and the opportunity to access more than 70 markets worldwide from Europe’s largest investment fund center. Also, existing funds can reorganize and refocus resources in a global market.

Seamless operations backed by our experience and scale.


Rely on our expertise and client-centric approach to establish and service funds in the world’s leading fund domiciles. Our connections, expertise, and comprehensive solutions let us help you set-up a domestic fund, reorganize existing funds, or tap into global markets from overseas. And we can help you navigate market requirements and provide insights into the changing regulatory landscape to support your business objectives.


We have the flexibility to work with you today, and as you grow. Our solution is scalable, meaning we can partner with you if you’re a small shop looking to launch your first fund, or an established firm seeking access to new markets.


  • BNY Mellon provides custody, fund accounting, and transfer agency services as well as access to regulatory support tools, tax, FX, financial reporting, and lending services for both U.S. mutual funds and UCITS funds (existing, authorized SICAV), and depositary services in EMEA.
  • Our U.S. team includes experienced professionals with 60 years of experience in the U.S. mutual fund industry, and 30 years focused on servicing fund startups.
  • Our EMEA team has over 50 years of on the ground experience with a dedicated Luxembourg team comprised of 25 different nationalities, so we can provide native speakers versed in the local culture for the markets you want to operate in.

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