One of the world’s largest providers of sophisticated investment analysis tools, reporting $12.7* trillion in assets under measurement.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive investment risk services that monitor risk across the investment process with integrated performance solutions for comparing, evaluating and understanding the impact of investment decisions.


  • BNY Mellon Risk ViewSM

    • Enterprise risk analysis including value-at-risk calculations, scenario analysis, stress testing and liabilities for identifying potential portfolio losses or the impact of recent and historical market events.
    • Full data management support including enhanced investment transparency across all asset classes, including alternatives and derivatives.


  • Exposure & Structural Analysis

    • Fundamental portfolio characteristics, allocation and risk exposure (country, currency, issuer and sector) for evaluating investment style and fund structure.


  • Historical Risk Measures

    • Returns-based risk measures and risk-adjusted returns including total risk, relative risk and downside risk statistics


  • Compliance Monitoring

    • Post-trade reporting for monitoring investment policy goals and guidelines.


  • Asset Liability Reporting

    • Provides a view of key asset and liability metrics, analyzes sources that influence changes in pension funded status


  • Performance Measurement and Attribution

    • Returns from the total fund, to individual security level, across all asset classes, with thousands of market and custom indexes.  
    • Performance on alternative strategies with multiple return types including time-weighted, non-lagged time-weighted and internal rates of return. 
    • GIPS® services include composite maintenance, calculations, and reporting to assist clients with the necessary returns, processes, and documentation required for claiming compliance. 
    • Key factors to identify the source of returns against a benchmark or peer group.


  • Peer Groups

    • Extensive range of performance universes for comparisons at multiple levels including total fund, asset class and individual manager.


  • BNY Mellon Asset Strategy ViewSM

    • Detailed insights into asset allocation and capital flows across various asset owner plan and security attributes

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Our Thinking

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Swimming Against the Tide

Institutional hedge fund allocations shrank by 5%. So why did public pension plans increase their exposure by 2%?

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Considering the Alternatives

A Practical Look at Enterprise Risk Analysis and Alternative Investments

 The assumptions that are used in incorporating alternative investments into enterprise risk analysis matter. Different approaches to data management can lead to different potential conclusions about the apparent risks within an investment program.

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Analytical Insights Newsletter

Analytical Insights is a quarterly publication that provides you with investment information that can be used in the increasingly important processes of monitoring global assets.



Frances Barney

Transparency in Benchmark Costs

Frances Barney, Head of Global Risk Solutions Consulting – Americas, and David Spaulding, CEO and Founder, The Spaulding Group, discuss the launch of “Custodian Guidelines for Transparency in Benchmark Cost,” an initiative that seeks to improve transparency on embedded fees for benchmark data, and enable investors to make informed decisions by understanding the details behind the fees they are paying.

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