BNY Mellon ESG Analytics

Evaluate ESG Factors in Investment Performance


Increasingly, investors are looking at how environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics can inform the oversight of assets. With the introduction of BNY Mellon ESG Analytics, institutional investors get a powerful solution to help manage, monitor and analyze ESG factors across their portfolio. 

ESG Information at Your Fingertips

BNY Mellon ESG Analytics  provides easy access to simplified but comprehensive information about how a portfolio is scoring against key ESG and key sustainability metrics.


Equity and corporate fixed income positions in your portfolio are scored based on a scale of zero to 100—making it simple to understand and communicate how your portfolio is performing against key sustainability metrics. At-a-glance data visualizations make it easy to monitor and report at the portfolio level and security level.


Your portfolio is scored on the basis of ESG and United Nations Global Compact (GC) metrics. For ESG scoring, each company is evaluated on financially material information against similar companies in that sector. The GC score is a normative assessment of a company based on the framework defined by the United Nation’s Global Compact.


BNY Mellon ESG Analytics includes company-level sustainability data for thousands of public corporations around the world. Through machine learning and related big data capabilities, our service combines over 200 sustainability metrics with news signals from over 50,000 sources across 20 languages.

BNY Mellon ESG Analytics

Watch a video to learn how our ESG Analytics service can inform the oversight of assets.

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February 2020

ESG and Fixed Income Investing

For many investors, identifying financially material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is becoming increasingly important for everyday investment analysis – yet there are noticeable differences in practitioner uptake of ESG analysis between equities and fixed income.

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