Peer Group Universes

The market intelligence you need to compare your performance to the appropriate peer group.


Institutional investors and asset managers need timely information to help them make detailed performance comparisons against peers with similar investment objectives. We offer an extensive range of peer group universes to allow comparisons at multiple levels, including total fund, asset class and individual manager.


One of the premier fund-level peer comparison services available in the U.S. and Canada, our Master Trust Universes are invaluable for making comparisons of performance results for corporate defined benefit, public fund, Taft-Hartley, endowment, foundation, and healthcare operating plans.

We provide this service to institutional investors to help them identify trends in allocation and performance and provide attribution vis-à-vis peer groups. At the core of this service is a rich repository of data based on assets that we custody for clients. We normalize this data to provide market intelligence to clients so that they can have more focused conversations with stakeholders during the investments process. For more information, please explore Asset Strategy View.

These universes allow fund and plan managers to make valid, relevant performance comparisons and assist financial institutions with the marketing of their offerings.

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July 2020

BNY Mellon Endowments and Foundations Study 2020

Key trends in performance and asset allocation for a universe of 93 endowments and foundations using aggregate data from BNY Mellon’s Asset Strategy View®.

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