2019 CSR Report

BNY Mellon is committed to using our reach, market influence and resources to address pressing global environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Making an Impact: Powering a World of Difference

As a major global financial institution, we consider the impacts that our business has on the environment and society. We strive to contribute to sustainable economic growth that protects healthy markets, enhances our own business resiliency and longevity, and delivers positive impact for key stakeholders such as clients, employees, shareholders and communities.

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Diversity: Engine of Innovation

By bringing together people with varying perspectives, ethnicities, genders, experiences, cultures and capabilities, BNY Mellon is accelerating digital transformation.

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Weathering the New Normal

BNY Mellon is working to better understand and communicate our climate change readiness.

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Pressing for Climate Action

Calling on energy company executives in public and private, responsible investment firm Newton spurs corporate response on ESG issues.

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Financing a Sustainable Future

An innovative blue bond promotes sustainable fishing, while other green finance tools help to fund a more secure future in Korea, Chile and beyond.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Technologists

Thousands of people who convened at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration India heard a powerful message: women have the power to transform technology…and the world.

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Empowering Better Care for Cancer Patients

Health care providers and researchers use a new computing lab and software at the Cancer Institute (WIA) in Chennai, India, to access data that informs patient care today and improves treatments tomorrow.

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Launching Student for Life

Exceptional undergraduates from underserved communities prepare to enter the workforce of the future, equipped for in-demand jobs.

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Ambassadors for Environmental Stewardship

Speaking and acting on behalf of the earth and our company, Ambassadors bring sustainability to life at the local level.

Leadership Views

Todd Gibbons

“While a period of uncertainty lies ahead for all of us, our clients, communities and society at large can continue to rely on BNY Mellon to be their trusted steward—with a relentless ambition to have a more profound impact on the world around us.”

— Todd Gibbons, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Daisey Holmes and Jolen Anderson

A conversation between our Global Head of HR and Global Head of Philanthropy & CSR.


“BNY Mellon has always been a company that is committed to an inclusive culture and being a strong community partner. In these times, this commitment is paramount.”

— Jolen Anderson, Global Head of Human Resources

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2019 CSR Report

Our 2019 CSR Report details our CSR strategy, programs and performance, prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


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