Secured Loans

Obtain cash for collateral, liquidity or leverage strategies through our secured loan program.

Secured Loans


Global Scope

Our secured loan program covers the U.S., EMEA and APAC
with flexible collateral options.

  • Global in scope, regional in design and local in delivery
  • Staff located in the Americas, APAC and EMEA
  • BNY Mellon is well positioned to provide the knowledge, expertise and support you are seeking in today’s evolving global marketplace


Expanded Financing Options

Secured loans can help you obtain cash for collateral, liquidity or leverage strategies.

  • Ability to use long assets and capital more efficiently
  • Durable term funding
  • BNY Mellon provides you with tools to help you source liquidity


Financial Strength

BNY Mellon’s status as a strong, trusted counterparty reflects the strength of our balance sheet, our overall liquidity and capital positions, and our reputation as a sound and safe institution. BNY Mellon continues to rank among financial firms with the highest credit ratings globally and remains Moody’s highest-rated financial firm in the U.S. at the bank level.1

  • Leverage our financial stability to help meet your securities financing needs
  • Benefit from our commitment as you look to drive results and achieve your business objectives
  • BNY Mellon serves as a strong and dependable ally that can help you sustain your business through the evolving changes in the financial marketplace


Business Insights

Securities Financing Transactions Regulation

SFTR requirements introduce significant changes and present challenges for the securities finance industry.  

Securities Financing Transactions Regulation

What We Do

Our Thinking

Sovereign Institutions Enhancing Global Liquidity

Twenty-five sovereign institutions surveyed. Challenges and opportunities abound.

Sovereign Institutions Enhancing Global Liquidity
Securities Finance Regulatory Update

Securities Finance Regulatory Update

At our annual Securities Finance Regulatory Update, we discussed the current regulatory climate and the impact of regulation on securities finance. 

Securities Finance: Equity Market Update

Equity market trends and securities finance were the topics at a BNY Mellon panel discussion.

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Key Securities Lending Trends for 2016

What trends can beneficial owners expect to see in the securities lending markets over the next 12 months?

Collateral Rising

Beneficial owners and agent lenders are both focused on intrinsic value lending.

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1Current ratings for The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and its principal subsidiaries are posted at

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