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Whether you are an asset owner or an investment manager new to the market or already invested, we can help you navigate China’s complex and evolving market landscape while you focus on executing your strategy.


Leverage our local expertise and deep experience to help you tackle the day-to-day operational challenges and address local market requirements — such as market entry, time zone differences, short settlement cycles, foreign exchange (FX) restrictions and regulatory changes —  and gain a competitive edge in navigating China.


Our suite of integrated solutions provides you with seamless connections and complementary capabilities to facilitate your access to China’s capital markets quickly and more effectively.

Access China’s Capital Markets with Ease


Fast and Simple Account Opening. Provide Market Intelligence and Local Expertise.

We can expedite your account opening process and help you deepen your understanding of China.

  • Dedicated Global Client Activation Teams located in Singapore, Manchester and Pittsburgh can help to ensure that you have an optimal experience and seamless onboarding for getting to market quicker.
  • Our Online Portal keeps you informed of the latest account opening procedures, documentation guidelines and timeframes.
  • Our “local everywhere” expertise can provide proactive and continuous updates on market changes and implications to enrich your insights and empower your investment decisions.

Streamline Post-trade Processes. Support in Local Time Zones.

Our execution-to-custody service allows you to place Stock Connect orders during your time zone yet still meet the same day (T+0) simultaneous and irrevocable cash and securities settlement. Upon trade execution, settlement instructions are issued by Pershing LLC* and FX via BNY Mellon standing instructions.


This front-to-back integration not only allows you to trade in China A-Shares, but also eases your operational challenges.

*Pershing LLC, member FINRA, NYSE, SIPC, is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon). Pershing does not provide investment advice. This material not intended to be a recommendation with respect to, or solicitation or offer to buy or sell, any particular financial instrument, or to participate in any particular trading strategy and is not tax, legal, investment or accounting advice. Nor is it an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation would be illegal.

Flexible and Adaptive Custody Solutions. Timely Trade Management.

We provide multiple Stock Connect service models to meet your varying business needs while keeping your assets safe and resilient to risks.


China does not permit failed trades within its A-Shares market; while in its domestic bond market, any failed trades must be reported to both the regulator and the central depository.


Our integrated front-to-back Order Management System (OMS) capabilities via our strategic alliances can help mitigate these risks by accessing near real-time securities and cash holdings. This minimizes barriers between the front-line and the processing of trade flows.

Access to a more Liquid Market. Enhance Mobility and Lower Funding Cost.

We provide multiple FX capabilities to suit your business needs:

  • CNH FX solutions across all applicable China access schemes via our FX Program Trading desks and our Negotiated FX Sales desks in Asia Pacific, London and New York.
  • Onshore CNY FX Spot for Bond Connect via our Program Trading desk and our Negotiated FX Sales desk in Asia Pacific, with the latter supporting CNY forwards as well.
  • Onshore CNY FX Spot via our Shanghai Branch for central banks and sovereign entities who are members of the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS).

In addition, we are the first triparty agent to provide collateral services to support Stock Connect and Bond Connect assets. This provides you with cost-effective financing solutions to help optimize collateral allocation and mobility while complying with onshore Chinese regulations.

More Transparency. Data at your Fingertips.

BNY Mellon can provide timely updates on the status of your corporate events.


Our Corporate Events Management application programming interface (API) allows you to continuously obtain updates on your income projections and settlement status. You can query the credit of coupon proceeds multiple times throughout the day and invest proceeds with same day value, so you can make informed business decisions.

Accelerated Information Delivery. Enhanced Data.

BNY Mellon APIs can help you view your China holdings and manage your cash positions in near real-time.


Our Cash Management API provides near real-time cash account balances and transactions, while our Safekeeping API provides detailed, near real-time information about the overall investment positions and transaction data in a client’s application, at any given time.

Market Updates


Market Entry for Bond Connect

Global investors may think more strategically about their exposure to China amid market reforms designed to boost foreign investment.


Knowledge Hub

China's rapid market reforms have made it easier for global investors to access its equity and bond markets, but the extensive web of applications, documentation and approvals remains complex. The knowledge hub provides you with information to help expedite your market entry and onboarding process across the access schemes. 


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