Depositary Receipts

Our global reach, expertise and breadth of services help corporate issuers connect to the global capital markets.

At the Forefront of the Industry

BNY Mellon acts as a depositary bank for issuer clients looking to access the global capital markets through depositary receipts (DRs).

With our global footprint and deep expertise in DRs, our clients enjoy access to highly specialized teams dedicated to providing solutions delivered from a suite of value-added services.

BNY Mellon Depositary Receipts is independent from the influence of investment banking, trading, and research, so we can introduce our clients to the full range of investors. We provide clients our expertise and tailored insights on industry trends, regulatory changes and best practices to help guide the success of their DR program.


Benefits of BNY Mellon Depositary Receipts

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DRs can help foreign companies access the global capital markets, increase liquidity, diversify and broaden their shareholder base, provide currency in an acquisition or a share plan for international employees.

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DRs can help investors wanting to diversify globally overcome a number of challenges faced when investing outside their home markets, such as settlement, currency conversion, unfamiliar market practices, and investment policies that may not allow them to invest otherwise.

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DRs can offer broker-dealers competitive and negotiable pricing and convenient settlement in their home currency.

Our Thinking

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Demand for Depositary Receipts

Our report describes the increased usage of Depositary Receipts to facilitate cross-border equity trading.

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Investor Relations in the Driver’s Seat

IR professionals perceive a drop in the importance of global financial centers while steering their companies’ course to investors.

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