VAIA: A Digital
Disbursement Solution

Introducing an End-to-End Solution for Digital Payments and Real-Time Disbursement

Payment Transformation in the Age of Digital Payments


The momentum of change and innovation in today’s payments industry is driving a wide array of new technology and payment rails. Concurrently, these developments are coinciding with a growing market need for faster, real-time payments and the demand for faster, safer disbursements. Businesses want to shift from paper to digital payments to save costs, reduce fraud and improve client relationships, while their consumer customers want to receive their funds digitally, faster, safer – and in the payment method of their choice. 

Easing the heavy lift of digital payments


Despite these needs, resources necessary to provide digital payment options are often cost prohibitive. Organizations are often unable or unwilling to incur the potentially substantial investment needed – in time, funds and staff – to transform current payments processes to provide the latest digital payment options for their payees. Vaia® provides that solution.


Through a single integration, Vaia gives payees instant access to a wide variety of the latest digital payment rails, letting them choose how they want to be paid – quickly and securely. 


With an open architecture that enables additional digital payment options to be added, the platform eliminates the need for you to keep up with the rapidly evolving options in the digital payment space. It’s a win-win payments equation, one that meets the needs of both ends of today’s evolving payments spectrum. 

End customers want greater choice in how they are paid, but with so many digital payment options emerging, businesses are struggling to stay up to date with, and connected to, the latest capabilities. Vaia does the heavy lifting to ensure that our clients' end customers always have access to the latest suite of digital payment options.”

–Jennifer Barker, Global Head of Treasury Services at BNY Mellon



Enabling Payee Choice

Vaia provides clients the ability to offer payees a variety of digital payment options quickly and seamlessly. Vaia’s flexibility provides an optimal payment experience, designed to allow payees to receive funds securely and efficiently via their payment method of choice. 


The digital payment options currently available on the platform include the following, and are scaled to increase in number as digital payment options continue to grow in the marketplace:

Instant Bank Transfer

This digital service allows payees to send and receive instant payments and messaging 24/7/365 via the RTP® network or the FedNow® Service; Same Day ACH; or Next Day ACH.

BNY Mellon’s Tokenized Payments with Zelle® Solution

The instant payment option automates payments via the Zelle® network by leveraging a customer’s mobile phone number or email address to provide them with instant payment notifications and fast funds availability.

Payment to Debit Card 

For payees opting to receive funds directly into their bank account, a push-to-card capability is linked to U.S. bank accounts via the debit card network. Payees can provide a debit card number to receive funds directly into their accounts using this payment option, typically within minutes. 

MoCaFi® Prepaid, Contactless Debit Card

Vaia’s integration with the MoCaFi (Mobility Capital Finance, Inc.) payment option allows unbanked and underbanked* payees quick access to funds.


With the Prepaid Debit Card option, payees can withdraw cash at ATMs, providing fast access to funds when needed, even in areas with limited banking infrastructure.

The solution is also available as a direct, stand-alone option for unbanked payees, outside of the Vaia platform.


MoCaFi’s integration with Vaia provides financial inclusion for underserved communities via emergency relief, government benefits, rebates and refunds, research/program participant payments, and more to individuals who need access to basic banking services. 

*The FDIC estimates 4.5% (5.9 million) of U.S. households are “unbanked," meaning that no one in the household has a checking or savings account at a bank or credit union. An additional 14.1% (18.7 million) are “underbanked,” meaning a household that has a bank account but lacks adequate access to other traditional financial services. Source: 2021FDIC National Survey

Helping You Combat Fraud with Account Verification Services

Preventing erroneous or unauthorized transactions across multiple payment types and channels is necessary for a secure, cost-effective payments operation. BNY Mellon's Account Validation tools are designed to mitigate the risk of problematic payments – on both the sending and receiving sides of a payment.

Providing Payee Choice in Digital Payments

BNY Mellon is utilizing faster payments technology to provide clients with enhanced payment services and extended payment modalities. As the market transitions away from paper checks, the demand for digital payment solutions that move money to consumers in a faster and safer manner continues to grow.

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