Helping government treasury professionals navigate fast-paced change, disruption and evolving trends to carry out their responsibilities to the communities they serve.


Helping government treasury professionals navigate fast-paced change, disruption and evolving trends to carry out their responsibilities to the communities they serve.

As a mainstay to federal, state and local governments for nearly 240 years, BNY Mellon continues to serve federal agencies including, the U.S. Department of Treasury, government-sponsored enterprises (GSE’s) and multi-lateral organizations, to help deliver enhanced efficiencies for both transaction security and operational transparency.

Community Partnerships and Financial Inclusion 

Banks enable the global economy to function, and BNY Mellon’s commitment to communities is strengthened through relationships with diverse organizations, including global insurance and financial firms, community banks and minority-owned broker dealers.


The FDIC estimates 4.5% (5.9 million) of U.S. households are “unbanked,” meaning no one in that household has access to a savings or checking account. An additional 14.1% (18.7 million) are considered “underbanked,” meaning they are located in areas without sufficient banking services.1


BNY Mellon’s alliance with MoCaFi – a Black-founded company focused on helping underserved communities create wealth through better access to capital – underscores the commitment to driving commercial outcomes that democratize access to the financial ecosystem and create a more diverse and inclusive marketplace.


Enhancing Public Sector Payables and Digital Payments

The momentum of change and innovation in the payments market has accelerated the adoption of new technology and payment rails. The market is driving a growing need for faster, real-time payments (via the RTP® network) and the demand for faster, safer disbursements.


Government agencies want to shift from paper to digital payments to save costs, reduce fraud and improve client relationships, while consumers want to receive funds digitally, faster, safer and in the payment method of their choice.


Through a single integration with Vaia® - BNY Mellon’s digital payments platform – clients can offer their payees a variety of digital payment options quickly and seamlessly. Vaia's flexibility is designed to allow payees to receive funds securely and efficiently via their payment method of choice and provides an optimal payment experience for BNY Mellon customers and their end client.

Government Banking Services for Cross-Border Payments

The ability to make efficient cross-border payments is essential for governments transacting in global markets. That’s why it is important to work with a bank network that can securely process your cross-border FX payment activity. BNY Mellon helps government clients to make cross-border transactions to other foreign government entities, embassy locations based overseas, or disburse pension benefit payments for individuals residing abroad.


FX payment capabilities enable transactions in various currencies via multiple channels, leveraging BNY Mellon’s extensive global payments infrastructure and local market expertise. This service also helps eliminate requirements to maintain accounts in local markets and allows for full integration of quotes into clients’ proprietary platforms via APIs for even greater transparency into the FX rate.

The Future of Real-Time Payments in the Public Sector

Real-time payments are a transformative force driven largely by the private sector and its adoption in the public sector is setting a new standard for the speed of doing business. As a pioneer in real-time payments, BNY Mellon offers clients an opportunity to connect to one of two instant payment networks via a single solution to provide businesses and individuals in the U.S. with instant payment settlement into their accounts.

The Current State of Play of Emerging Payments

Real-time payments have become ingrained in the fabric of the payment landscape and have spawned new expectations and demands from organizations to their financial services providers.  Learn more about the growing use cases and benefits associated with real-time payments.

Account Validation and Fraud Prevention Services

BNY Mellon offers clients tools that can help strengthen their payment controls. Account Validation Services are designed to mitigate the risk of problematic payments – on both the sending and receiving sides – without requiring significant technology investments.

Public Sector Cash Flow Optimization

Solutions are designed to offer the ability to manage cash flow optimization, capitalize on USD investments, use currency trading and hedging and benefit from innovative working capital sourcing solutions.

Now Best for All Your Liquidity

A global leader in providing access to money market funds (MMFs) for over 25 years, LiquidityDirect, supports $15 trillion in annual MMF transaction flows for more than 6,000 clients across every segment and region.* LiquidityDirect has evolved beyond a digital portal to a complete, short-term investment platform, helping to deliver the best investment and liquidity options through a big-picture  portfolio view.

* BNY Mellon, as of June 30, 2023.

Community Banking and Financial Management 

BNY Mellon is committed to playing a more direct role in helping to reduce inequity in access to capital and close the racial wealth gap. Enterprise-wide community banking solutions allow businesses to bring the next level of service offerings to communities in need of wealth-building services.  

Contributions to Community and Government Banking

As a leading global systemically important bank (G-SIB), with a long history of innovation, BNY Mellon helps clients navigate the complex and dynamic financial world, with the goal toward increasing the capacity of small and minority-owned businesses to better serve their customers and strengthen their ability to withstand the rigors of the rapidly changing banking industry and economic environment.


Closing the Wealth Gap by Investing in Communities

Learn how BNY Mellon and Optus Bank came together to lift a community.

1 "2021 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households.” FDIC, Updated July 2023,

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