Andrew C. Haskell

Product Executive – Global FX Solutions, BNY Mellon Treasury Services

Andrew Haskell

Global FX Solutions, BNY Mellon

About Andrew


Andrew Haskell is the Product Executive for Global FX Solutions at BNY Mellon within Treasury Services, responsible for FX Payments and FX Trading solutions. In his current role, Andrew is responsible for BNY Mellon’s strategy and development of FX solutions including SmartPay Global, Global Mass Payments, Rules-Based FX, Low Value Payment Services, and complementary offerings to support cross-border payables and receivables with foreign exchange capabilities.


Prior to Global FX Solutions, Andrew managed a wide range of payables and receivables products, most recently serving as Head of Immediate Payments overseeing solutions including domestic U.S. and international Real-Time Payments, and formerly as Head of Global Payments. Andrew is active in the industry and participates in various committees facilitated by BAFT, IIF, and other organizations examining the improvement of cross-border payments while advocating for the needs of clients and business partners.


Andrew is a Certified Treasury Professional® and holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Finance, and Bachelor of Business Administration, all from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, U.S. Andrew is currently pursuing an Executive Doctor of Business Administration degree in International Business and Finance from Georgia State University.

Session Featuring Andrew:

9:15 to 10:00 AM EDT

Location: Conference stage 5 (CS5)


Is the Future of Money Digital and Instant?

Digitization is changing the way we pay. The past decade has seen the rise of online banking and mobile apps. Consumers and businesses are migrating away from cash and checks towards electronic payments, including card payments, electronic fund transfers and e-money payments. There’s a rapidly growing use of contactless and fast payments systems. And central banks the world over are now exploring issuing their own digital currencies. Digital payments executed in seconds all around the world: Is that the future of money? What does this future look like and how do we get there? And how do we make sure no one is left behind? In this session, our expert panel will explore these questions and more.