BNY Mellon Technology


Invested in the Future

We are focused on innovation that powers global investments and helps clients succeed.

BNY Mellon has always been at the forefront of innovation, leading the way with new thinking as well as products and services designed to help our clients succeed. In this ever-changing world, we are always seeking out opportunities for growth.

From cloud computing to mobile platforms to big data technologies and more, we are creating a new way of developing and delivering solutions to clients. We’re focused on increasing access and collaboration in the markets, improving flexibility and efficiency, strengthening risk management and facilitating growth through access to value-added information-based services.

NEXEN is What's Next

We are launching the biggest technological transformation in BNY Mellon’s history with NEXEN, our new open source, cloud-based technology platform. NEXEN consolidates BNY Mellon solutions and third-party solutions onto one platform. This allows our clients to leverage our technology expertise and scale as well as channel our investments to advance their business model.

NEXEN is based on cloud computing. Services are easily and securely accessible by clients, in their preferred method, from a single, intuitive and powerful platform rather than the current wide array of systems, applications and electronic-based delivery systems.

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