Choosing from among our various Custody FX Programme options allows you to have the processing and execution of your foreign exchange transactions related to activities in your BNY Mellon custody portfolio automated.   It’s really up to you. Choose the Custody FX Programme option that enables you to execute your foreign exchange according to your currency and custody requirements.

You can request how we execute your transactions by choosing one of our several FX Programmes, each of which offers:

  • pre-defined pricing parameters;
  • market-responsive execution from our high speed pricing engine; and
  • comprehensive post-trade reporting.

You decide how to treat various situations (explained below) and then leave the follow-through to us.

Foreign Exchange Disclaimer

Our Thinking

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APAC – A Top Priority for BNY Mellon

Baudouin De Guchteneere, FX Sales & Services, Asia Pacific, BNY Mellon, tells why he is excited about Singapore having been selected for the FX dealing room and why the region is a top priority for the company.

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Turning Capital Flow Insight Into Action: iFlow

In our latest iFlow® Weekly commentary, we focus on select FX markets that reflect an interesting co-existence of risk-seeking and risk-aversion.

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Standing Instruction FX Pricing Programs for Custody FX

Among our Custody FX pricing options, BNY Mellon offers the following standing instruction pricing programs for foreign exchange.

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