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A multitude of new collateral management rules.  A maze of new operational requirements. The financial markets move at a rapid pace, presenting you with new challenges. As you navigate the changes and assess the impact on your business, turn collateral management complexity into opportunity by exploring all that our Collateral Universe has to offer.

Discover within our Collateral Universe an expansive and growing range of solutions designed to help you source and mobilise eligible collateral to meet margin requirements and other obligations. In an environment where efficiency and risk mitigation is paramount, we can help you optimise your assets, manage counterparty risk and streamline your operations through collateral solutions that have received acclaim from the industry and our clients.

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“Collateral Solutions for a Changing Market” reviews the collateral management industry on the cusp of change that will have a significant impact across market participants - sell side, buy side, custodians and clearing members. Market participants will need to evolve and create exposures to asset classes through new structures and broaden access to collateral asset types.

A key theme addressed in the report is risk mitigation through collateral segregation as required by initial and variation margin requirements. The ability to strategically apply the appropriate technology solution coupled with the right operational set up to meet collateral demands and margining requirements will be critical in this new landscape.

"Navigating the Regulatory Maze"
is essential reading for corporate treasurers, asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and broker dealers, as it explores whole market regulatory consequences.

A Collateral Impact Analysis Grid helps to summarise these regulations across market segments, enabling market players to compile an impact analysis checklist for their own business.

"Collateral Management: A Review of Market Issues"
examines the current fragmented collateral landscape and the response of infrastructure and service providers, tackling key issues such as:

• Compliance with new regulations governing cleared and non-cleared Over-The-Counter (OTC) derivatives

• For the buy-side, choosing partners who can help with complex requirements for margining and collateral mobilisation

• For banks, meeting complex interlocking collateral, liquidity, and capital regulations, whilst offering clients collateral services at a viable price point

• The ability of custodians to provide clients with a cost-effective collateral management service with integrated tri-party collateral management capability.

"Changing Collateral Requirements: Adapting to the New Uncleared Margin Rules" the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision (BCBS) and the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) have jointly published a new margin framework for uncleared OTC swaps which, as adopted by national regulators, will result in a more demanding process for sourcing and managing collateral on a daily basis.

Business models will need to change and investments will need to be made in resources to support the daily margin call process as well as the optimisation of collateral pools. It is essential that all firms who trade uncleared OTC derivatives understand the impact to their particular business.

To help with this preparation, we have created a guide with a series of steps, self-assessment questions and supplemental resources.

Collateral Management and Segregation Disclaimer