Transfer Agency Services

We Go Beyond Traditional Transfer Agent


We provide innovative mutual fund transfer agency services for millions of shareholder accounts with some of the best-known names in the financial services industry.


Our services are designed to be transparent to the end investor — from initial client enquiry through to fully customisable outputs.


  • Comprehensive array of investor accounting, recordkeeping and servicing capabilities offered under a single management structure of long-tenured professionals.
  • Networking resources with access to key strategic partners.
  • Industry experience and leadership within key industry organisations positions us to advocate on behalf of our clients within those organisations.
  • Proven conversion methodology facilitates conversion risk management and efficient implementations.


A Single, Global Transfer Agency Experience

Standardisation across markets allows investment managers, distributors and platforms to deliver a consistent experience for global investors.


Supporting Investor Needs of the Future

Leveraging emerging technologies can help investment managers to improve investor experience through insights around more targeted product development and distribution.

Gain Efficiencies with Integrated Fund Services

Improve the oversight, security and management of your funds by integrating our Custody, Transfer Agency, and Fund Accounting services. Our core capabilities can help address your complex challenges, whether you need access to liquidity or enhanced data-driven insights to help drive better business outcomes.

Our Insights

JUNE 2020

Remote Working Shows the Value of Real-time Online Information

There has never been a greater need for reliable information and technology that can facilitate transactions and flexible reporting, as and when required, and irrespective of the user’s location.


The Evolution of Transfer Agency Services: Reaching the Many, Not Just the Few

For asset managers looking to grow AUM, it is clear that scale, not margin, is the most important metric in determining future success.

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