Our Culture

Our purpose, values and behaviors are the core of BNY Mellon’s culture. We are committed to weaving these words into a dynamic story of growth.


With nearly 50,000 innovative minds working together in 35 countries, we are a truly worldwide organization servicing clients with a wide array of financial needs. Our culture is guided by values and behaviors focused on excellence, integrity, diversity and leadership. 


Every day, we strive to be an employer of choice and destination for top talent – a place where our people are proud to work. Our global team embodies the diversity and potential of today’s world, with a dynamic, inclusive environment that offers opportunities and support to lead, learn, volunteer, grow and build fulfilling careers.

Our Values and Behaviors

Our shared beliefs and principles guide our decisions and how we show up in our day-to-day work.

Living our values every day


Passion for Excellence

We get it done. We strive to be extraordinary.

Excellence is the outcome of caring.  It is an outward expression of inner integrity, emotion and desire to make a difference by putting our very best into our work, clients and company. Whether innovating new solutions, running efficient operations or delivering results for clients, we set the bar high and do what it takes to consistently raise it. 

Profiles in Passion for Excellence

“It’s important to not just help colleagues climb the tree in front of them, but find a better way to climb it (and to confirm that it’s the right tree to begin with!).” 

“I believe that there is always room for improvement and that we should always strive for better results. Our clients and our teams depend on everyone bringing their ‘A’ game.”

“It's a pleasure working with my clients and my strategic collaborators to really enhance and bring value to BNY Mellon and to our clients – that's what really drives me to come to work every day. I’m also very invested in being an advocate for veterans at BNY Mellon. It’s my goal to change how BNY Mellon is viewed from a veteran perspective. I want us to be known as the organization of choice for veterans, no matter where they are within the company.”




We do what is right, always. We challenge each other – even when it’s uncomfortable.

Integrity means maintaining our principles at all times, even when no one is watching. Each decision is an opportunity to earn and safeguard client trust. We act ethically, lawfully and honestly – regardless of any short-term pressures we may face – and trust each other to debate the ideas and not the person. 

Profiles in Integrity

“I was absolutely terrified when I was first asked to share aspects of my story because I’ve spent my almost 30-year career purposely not talking about race. It takes trust, safe spaces, non-judgement and a willingness to be vulnerable. In short, it takes a culture of integrity.”

“All of our values are important, Courage to Lead, Passion for Excellence, Strength in Diversity and inclusion, but for me, Integrity stands out. It's part of my personal integrity to continue growing as a professional as well. That’s why I wanted to be a part of our Reverse Mentoring Program as a reverse mentee.”

“A key part of Integrity is acknowledging what you don’t know. Leaders lead, but leaders also learn – and the most impactful do so continuously. Asking questions, challenging conventional norms, and connecting with others to help problem-solve is how I live out this value at the firm.”


Strength in Diversity

We seek out who is missing and help everyone feel included. We invest in each other’s success.

BNY Mellon builds strength through diversity. We thrive on bringing multiple viewpoints to the table – incorporating perspectives across backgrounds, experiences and expertise. This inclusion helps cultivate belonging, identifies blind spots and unlocks new value for all. 

Profiles in Strength in Diversity

“At BNY Mellon, the company’s belief in giving visibility, space and recognition to people who may have traditionally been socially excluded is very apparent. Personally, I see so much more gender and racial diversity at BNY Mellon than I have at previous employers or university, which is due to the company’s efforts and commitment to drive diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“The experience that I had moving here from another country, learning about other cultures – I feel like I'm helping people to open new doors, as well as expand their horizons in a very impactful way.”

“The Strength in Diversity value calls on us to ‘invest in each other’s success,’ and I live this value by empowering our E/BRG members with the tools, resources and best practices to help them succeed both in and out of the workplace.”


Courage to Lead

We take the risks necessary to lead.  We grow and move on from failures.

Today’s world requires us to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges and break ground going forward. We assess risk sensibly, pursue ideas boldly and take accountability for the results. Mistakes will happen – we learn from them and move on armed with that knowledge. The pursuit of excellence is not a seamless road, but it is a rewarding one.

Profiles in Courage to Lead

“Leading with courage creates real impact on company culture and business results. While still in my early days at BNY Mellon, I try to instill a “can do” mentality, encourage staff to not take “no” for an answer and look for better ways to do things.”

“While I may stumble along the way, part of your success as a leader is how you pick yourself back up, and my goal is to transform any failure into a learning experience. I try to think of everything I do in the context of setting a positive example — and through the ups, downs and everything in between, this mindset keeps me motivated to succeed.”

“Being part of a team that is focused on the most impactful initiatives, that is curious, and that strives for excellence also keeps me energized.”