Insurance Companies


2016 Retirement Summit

BNY Mellon’s second annual Retirement Summit brought together industry-leading experts, companies and plan sponsors to discuss the trends, forces, and new perspectives shaping the future of retirement.

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Insurance Segmentation

Insurers have a unique set of risks, opportunities and challenges as they address global regulation and strive to leverage technology to improve operating efficiencies.

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Standish Launches Asset Management and Servicing for Insurance Companies

This bundled solution includes asset management, global custody, and insurance accounting and reporting.

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BNY Mellon Partners with Clients on Insurance Accounting

In today’s environment, keeping abreast of change is more difficult than ever. But when it comes to regulatory reporting,insurers have no choice.

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Insurance Service

Comprehensive investment services created exclusively for the insurance industry.

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Custody and Accounting

We offer global custody and accounting services built upon the industry's first single multi-currency systems platform.

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