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The ability to adapt to investor, regulatory and competitive needs is more important than ever.
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Capture Market Opportunities and Navigate Change

Alternative asset managers oversee multiple priorities in a rapidly changing environment. Volatile markets, an increasingly complex operational and regulatory landscape and investor demands for greater risk mitigation mean there is a greater need for expertise and efficiency.  We have the global scale, technology and depth of services and unique insights to deliver solutions to help real estate, private equity and hedge funds succeed.

Your Opportunities

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency 1

Let our outsourcing solutions help you move to a variable cost structure without having to sacrifice oversight of business and operational risks.

Increase Efficiency 2

Access fund accounting technology built to service specific fund structures or asset classes.

Increase Efficiency 3

For hedge funds, find opportunities to create efficiencies in loan processes and improve profitability.

Manage Complexity

Manage Complexity 1

Provide seamless and digitized experiences for accessing reporting and analysis.

Manage Complexity 2

Ensure that your investors receive compliant and timely communications about their investments.

Manage Complexity 3

Rely on us to perform investor services across the globe and across all classes of alternative investment including hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity and real estate.

Enable Transformation

Enable Transformation 1

Use our global presence to expand your footprint where you see increasing opportunity.

Enable Transformation 2

Access cash and collateral management solutions to support global trading strategies.

Enable Transformation 3

Draw from our experience and analytical capabilities to better align your strategies with investor preferences.

Meet Investor Needs

Meet Investor Needs 1

Provide hedge fund investors with maximum portfolio transparency and control.

Meet Investor Needs 2

Deliver on investor demand for greater investment customization.

Meet Investor Needs 3

Supply investors with the in-depth risk monitoring and reporting that they require.

Industry Perspectives

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Improving Credit and Private Debt PMAR

The COVID-19 pandemic has put additional pressure on credit and debt managers in an area that is already a challenge – the measurement and reporting of risk and performance. Peter Salvage and Frances Barney look at what fund managers can do to help address this challenge.

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Artificial Intelligence Sweeps Hedge Funds

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, has featured heavily in industry innovation headlines for some time. Yet for all the excitement and promise, the uptake in the hedge fund industry has been limited – until recently.

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Reaping the Benefits of Disruptive Technology

A joint survey conducted by Eagle Investment Systems and Hegarty Group specifically identifies how asset managers are deploying emerging technologies. The bigger question for many, also addressed, is how organizations can take the necessary steps today to access the impending wave of innovation.

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A Closer Look at Bond Connect

In July 2018, BNY Mellon hosted a live audio webcast, A Closer Look at Bond Connect. Magdalene Tay and experts from Bloomberg reviewed the scheme, one year post-launch. They shared insights on the impending global bond indices inclusion, the challenges and opportunities for foreign investors.

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The Limitations of Automation

BNY Mellon sponsored the AsianInvestor COO Forum in Hong Kong, attracting 35+ COOs from Asia’s leading asset management companies. The forum discussed the challenges of operating a successful organization across Asia — robotic, big data and additional challenges ahead.


Real Assets — A Changing Landscape

Alan Flanagan, Global Head of Private Equity and Real Estate, discusses current trends in allocations to real assets and how the industry is adapting to change. He also discusses the important role that investing in real assets plays in people’s everyday lives.

Our Thinking

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Introducing the COEBI

There is a role within the alternatives firm C-suite that is widely held, often overlooked and massively underestimated. The role touches every corner of the organization but is difficult to contain within a job description.

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Private Debt: Focus on Liquidity as Sector Scales New Heights

BNY Mellon experts discuss the growing interest in private debt among sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds.

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How Hedge Funds Could Win Back Sovereign Wealth Funds

BNY Mellon's Scott Coey looks at how hedge funds need to understand and respond to sovereign wealth funds’ concerns and priorities.

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The Race for Assets

Allocations to alternative assets are increasing. What’s driving this shift?

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Launching Alternative Funds in Europe: Easier Than You Think

Europe continues to offer alternative investment managers attractive fund raising opportunities. With the right partners, setting up and managing a European vehicle can be straightforward.

Our Capabilities

Alternative Investment Services

BNY Mellon offers innovative services developed exclusively for alternative investments. We provide a powerful platform to help clients manage the operations of hedge fund, fund of hedge fund, private equity and real estate assets.


Asset Servicing

Through our global reach, expertise, breadth of services and innovative technologies, we deliver impactful strategies and knowledgeable insights that can help you make intuitive decisions at every phase of your investment process.


Broker-Dealer Services

Broker-Dealer Services helps clients unlock value from their securities holdings by developing the innovative technologies, solutions and client services that make a difference in an evolving marketplace.


Capital Markets U.S.

BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC provides debt and equity underwriting services across public and private markets. We also act as an equity market maker in selected securities and are active in fixed income markets. BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC is a wholly-owned non-bank subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon) and a member of FINRA and SIPC.


Collateral Management and Segregation

New regulatory demands are pushing collateral aggregation and optimization to the forefront. As you face liquidity, financing, risk and balance sheet challenges, we can help you. Reimagine the way you manage collateral and margin requirements.


Corporate Trust

We seek to be your long-term partner by providing best-in-class service and continually earn our reputation as the gold standard.

Corporate Trust is our core business and competency, and we take our commitment to remain unbiased seriously. We utilize our global footprint to deliver a full range of issuer and related investor services across a wide array of program types.


Foreign Exchange

BNY Mellon's global presence and foreign exchange capabilities allow you to transact in a variety of currencies in developed, emerging and frontier markets.


Liquidity Services

We offer a suite of products that allows you to take control of your cash and liquidity. You can leverage our mix of offerings, with different liquidity profiles, to match your cash needs. Discover our sophisticated real-time tools which can assist you in managing your liquidity and margin requirements.

Pershing Prime Services

Looking to grow your hedge fund, liquid alternative fund or alternative asset business—while also managing risk? You need a strong prime broker who is committed to this business and provides unwavering support.

Securities Finance

Regulation and rapidly changing global financial markets can present challenges and opportunities as you implement investment strategies and try to comply with capital requirements.

Work with BNY Mellon as you face these challenges and opportunities. Together, we can build a flexible and efficient financing solution.


Treasury Services

Through our customizable solutions, innovative technology and industry expertise, we are committed to delivering high-quality cash management, payment and trade solutions for your corporate and institutional global treasury needs.


Wealth Management

Wealth planning is about much more than retirement or wealth transfer, it’s about fully realizing your personal goals and vision. We bring more than two centuries of experience to bear with the expertise to achieve your vision.


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