Corporate Social Responsibility


Invested in Market Integrity

Stable, well-functioning markets help communities around the world grow and thrive. As a major global financial institution, we have a critical role to play in contributing to market integrity. We continually innovate to make our business stronger, more efficient and more responsible.

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Our People

Invested in Our People

A company is as good as its people. Among our global workforce, over 50,000 strong, are some of the sharpest minds and most innovative professionals in the investment industry. We start with a diverse and inclusive range of individuals and then invest in their talents to their fullest potential.


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Invested in Our World

Invested in Our World

Invested in the world means to be invested in our individual communities all around the world. With our vast global scope and operations in over 100 markets, BNY Mellon is an integral part of many communities. Our commitment to human rights, the environment and overall community well-being is an essential part of who we are and how we do business.

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Social Finance

At BNY Mellon, our social finance capabilities can help investors intelligently and sustainably finance economic growth, while creating social dividends that address major global challenges.  

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BNY Mellon Recognized by DJSI World and CDP

BNY Mellon has recently been recognized as a leader in sustainability and climate change responsibility by two highly regarded indices.

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Mellon Capital Launches Carbon Efficiency Strategy

With $100 million in funding from The McKnight Foundation, the strategy is designed to provide investors with lower carbon emissions exposure than the broad U.S. equity benchmark.

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Making a Difference

CSR is transforming how companies understand their impact in the world and creating positive change for Environmental, Social and Governance concerns.

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