Social Finance

Social Finance

We bring the breadth of our business to bear in delivering innovative social finance solutions for clients, and our capabilities continue to grow.

Enabling Positive Change Through Investments

We partnered with the United Nations Foundation on a report that identifies market opportunities to advance gender equality.

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Investors who adopt social finance strategies don't have to sacrifice returns in order to feel good about the makeup of their portfolios or to effect meaningful societal change.

Enabling Positive Change through Investments

At BNY Mellon, we see that global environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends are rapidly reshaping the investment landscape. New risks and opportunities are emerging. As investors continue to seek strategies that allow their portfolios to serve their financial goals, we believe there’s untapped potential in social finance.

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This Carbon Efficiency Strategy case study uses the Deliberate Leadership framework to identify the social, financial, and collaborative pillars needed to create a market-oriented product that is designed to meet the growing demand for environmentally conscious investing.

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As the first-place winner of UpPrize, Conversant Labs has continued its mission of creating an equal experience for both non-sighted users of technology and consumers at large.

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As a top finisher of UpPrize, PHRQL is expanding its nutrition education tool to food pantries in Pittsburgh to educate at-risk families on the importance of nutrition.

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As the recipient of BNY Mellon’s Social Finance Global Innovation Award, Rorus is moving forward with its mission to enable affordable, safe drinking water throughout the world.

News and Our Thinking

Social finance is emerging as a new way for private capital to address complex global issues. However, as it begins to move into the mainstream, several factors hold it back from reaching its full potential.

What is Social Finance?

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Social finance – investment activities that generate financial returns and include positive social and environmental impact – is more than just socially responsible investing or impact investing.

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Viewed holistically, it is a global asset pool is at least $22 trillion, based on our estimates.*

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Social finance should offer investors an opportunity to protect and grow their financial assets in the face of significant challenges, as well as to support solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Social Finance Capabilities and Activities

We are focusing on understanding the changing nature of our clients’ needs, refining our offerings to best serve them. Below are examples of our current social finance capabilities and activities across the firm:

Social Finance at BNY Mellon

Social Finance at BNY Mellon

Harnessing our Investments Expertise

Across BNY Mellon business lines, our recommendations to bring social finance to scale are already guiding our own activities in product development, thought leadership and partnerships.

Learn more about Social Finance at BNY Mellon in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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* The value of the global social finance market has been calculated using verified public data. For more information on our methodology, please see our Performance Data Sheet.

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