Monique R. Herena on our 2016 People Report

Monique R. Herena

At BNY Mellon, we’re invested in our people. You may know us as the investment services and investment management company that cares for much of the world’s assets.

Or you might recognize us as one of the world’s top 10 investment managers.* Or you’re familiar with our global leadership in almost every aspect of servicing financial assets. Or perhaps you’ve heard about our more-than-230-year history of driving change in the global financial markets. As the investments company for the world, BNY Mellon is all of those things and more. But what we’re most proud of is our people — more than 50,000 individuals around the world — whose dedication and expertise set BNY Mellon apart, power investment success and, above all, improve lives through investing.

When you combine the efforts and energies of our people, the result is the BNY Mellon Way: delighting clients, relentlessly curious, always responsive, with unquestioned integrity, and managing risk responsibly.

This report tells the story of how we’re invested in our people. It’s built on six elements:

Lead: Invested…to be the best

Our history of firsts gives us a powerful legacy of leadership, but we’re looking beyond that. Not just to be a leader, but to be the best. To achieve our vision, we need the best people. We push ourselves to be better — to be a part of the team that’s creating change, to serve exceptional clients and to enable the communities in which we live and work to prosper.

Impact: Invested…to make a difference

We drive powerful outcomes, including helping companies create jobs, governments better serve their citizens and individuals achieve their financial and life goals. With distinctive expertise, our extraordinary people deliver extraordinary results.

Innovate: Invested…in exceeding expectations

We’ve been helping clients survive and thrive for more than 230 years. We combine emerging technologies and design thinking with uncommon insights and decisive action to yield transformative results. Our people continue to create successful outcomes every day, delivering innovative solutions that meet the high expectations of all who depend on us.

Accelerate: Invested…to win

Our people are in 35 countries and serve over 100 markets, which gives us a unique vantage point. With deep expertise and a broad spectrum of capability, we help clients win with speed and scale. Our people are building winning careers and achieving their professional, personal and financial goals.

Collaborate: Invested…in a global team

Our people have built a winning culture founded on our shared values: client focus, integrity, teamwork and excellence. Powering investment success is a team effort. By connecting, sharing knowledge and working together, we win together.

Trust: Invested…in quality and integrity

Our people are trusted by some of the most respected organizations and leading investors to advise and execute on investment decisions that can alter the course of their businesses and impact economies all over the world. We accept this privilege and responsibility and take to heart our role in building confidence and stability in the global financial markets.

We invite you to explore our People Report. Get to know the people of BNY Mellon as we share some of our more than 50,000 stories.


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Monique R. Herena
Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Marketing & Corporate Affairs

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