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Big Data Meets Smart Analytics

March 2016


We collect huge amounts of complex data and develop sophisticated data-driven tools that provide insights and allow us to tailor our services to meet the needs of different client segments.

In 2015, BNY Mellon studied the potential of big data as a transformative tool for enhancing client service. We published the results in a white paper called “Big Data and Investment Management,” which examines how investment managers can use data to enhance product design, drive sales and improve investor outcomes. LEARN MORE

We analyze big data using a proprietary analytics platform called Digital Pulse. Developed to power greater data access and analytical insight, the platform is the backbone of BNY Mellon’s digital data ecosystem. Our people are using data and predictive analytics to engage in better-quality conversations — with our teams, clients, investors, industry analysts and other stakeholders. Armed with real-time information, our people can facilitate evidence-based decision-making.

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“While client, transactional and portfolio data is collected across the investment management industry for historical, regulatory and analytical purposes, most managers have yet to fully leverage these diverse data pools to identify key correlations and generate fresh insights. Digital Pulse results in predictive analytics that enable our businesses and our people to work smarter and drive meaningful improvement.”

— Mark Gibbons, EMEA Chief Information Officer