Through every action and interaction, we are building long-lasting relationships based on trust, integrity and confidence. See how our people are building a bright and secure future.

Client Focus: Living Our Values


Forging a New Institutional Asset Class

Trust leads to confident investment decisions. As a trusted name in the market, Amherst Capital Management is offering clients and investors new opportunities to invest in the world’s largest asset class.


Global Reach

We’re making it easier for investors around the world to access and invest in assets previously unavailable to them, like Japanese Government Bonds.


Focus on Ability

We teamed up with the state of Oregon so people with special needs can easily access investment tools that improve their lives.

“As a globally systemically important financial institution, we have a responsibility to our clients, to our customers, to the economy, to the global financial system, and even more importantly to the communities that we live and work in.”

James S. Wiener
Chief Risk Officer, BNY Mellon

Clients Trust Us infographic
Clients Trust Us


Today’s Ambition, Tomorrow’s Leader


Welcome Home, Vets

We’re dedicated to helping military veterans be all they can be as they transition to the corporate workforce and civilian life.

Inspired and United in Vision and Purpose

Our people believe in BNY Mellon’s values and goals and are committed to our collective success.

Aspiring Summer Interns

Our Summer Analyst Program (SAP) provides students with a challenging, well-rounded and inspiring experience.


Jacqueline Joyston-Bechal

Going Beyond Following the Rules

After 12 years with the Bank of England, where she played a significant role in the central bank’s response to the 2007 global financial crisis, Jacqueline Joyston-Bechal chose BNY Mellon to continue her professional journey.

“I joined BNY Mellon for its growing reputation as a tech savvy company and its trusted brand. Coming from Google, I was eager to apply what I had learned. BNY Mellon appealed to me, because I can use my skills in a results-oriented environment.”

Wil Carmon
Principal Engineer, BNY Mellon

Partnering with Care and Confidence


Return on Equality

We partnered with the United Nations Foundation on a report that identifies market opportunities to advance gender equality.

Modeling a New Way to Sponsor Change

In a world first, we donated our title sponsorship of the annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races to Cancer Research UK, creating a new partnership model to drive social good.

Brian Ruane

Reducing Credit Risk in the Market

“Over four years, we managed a 97 percent reduction in the amount of intraday secured credit, from about $1.4 trillion to around $28 billion.”

Brian Ruane, FCCA
Chief Executive Officer, Government Securities Services Corp.

Think You Know Hamilton?

When the topic of inspiration comes up, we often think of Alexander Hamilton, founder of The Bank of New York, now BNY Mellon. His genius is our legacy and continues to inspire our people and our growth as a trusted, global investments company. How well do you know this historical heavyweight?

Shining Brightly to INSPIRE


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