For over 230 years, our mission has been to help our clients succeed. This principle guides our innovation focus and our commitment to be a long term, strategic partner. We’re invested in innovation. We’re invested in the future.

Innovation is how we build the future at BNY Mellon. Developing new applications that help the global capital markets grow and enable people to invest for success.

We’re more innovative than ever with transformational ideas to find new and better ways to help our clients succeed.


Through our many innovation initiatives, including our new digital ecosystem NEXEN, our global Innovation Centers and partnership with fintechs, we’re changing the future of financial services and providing advanced technology solutions for our clients.
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NEXEN Innovation

NEXEN is BNY Mellon’s next generation technology. It consolidates our solutions, our clients’ own technology and third-party services into a powerful digital ecosystem.

Global innovation Centers
BNY Mellon's Global Innovation Centers

Developing breakthrough financial services technologies, encouraging the collaboration that results in cutting-edge solutions.

Singapore Innovation Center

The Singapore Innovation Center brings together fintechs and clients to collaborate on evidence-based management solutions.

Pittsburgh Innovation Center

Our Pittsburgh Innovation Center is focused on business and technology innovation to provide an agile working environment.

Global Impact

Whether your interest is raising money, managing investments, conducting transactions, distribution or restructuring; we deliver solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

Outcomes Lending in Japan

Leveraging our global reach, product breadth and expertise; we developed an innovative solution via a Trust Intermediated Lending service.


Our global enterprise-wide focus on innovation is a result of a shared mission and gives every employee the opportunity to lead from where they are.


We bring together the best and brightest to collaborate on solutions that help our clients succeed.
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As the world’s largest custodian1 and also one of the largest investment managers2, our industry position puts us at the forefront of market changes.

We play a critical role in contributing to market integrity through transparency, efficiency and risk mitigation.

1 Institutional Investor, September 2015. Based on assets under custody as of June 30, 2015; 2 Institutional Investor, July 2015. Based on assets under management as of December 31, 2014.


As a company whose legacy dates back to the Revolutionary war and the birth of the steel industry in the United States, BNY Mellon has transformed from a lending institution into the global investments company we are today.


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