HEART Network

HEART Network

Mission Statement

The mission of BNY Mellon’s HEART (Helping Each Ability by Respecting and Teaching) Network is to promote an inclusive working environment by increasing awareness of the needs of those with disabilities and providing an educational forum on disabilities for all employees.

HEART creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).

By driving internal visibility for employees with disabilities, we are better able to recognize the strengths of our diverse staff, raise awareness of workplace issues that affect people with disabilities, and provide a better onboarding experience for new employees with disabilities.

Invested in People with Disabilities

HEART creates a better business environment.

We promote a safe, respectful and welcoming working environment where all employees feel included, valued and able to contribute to their best abilities. In partnership with Human Resources, HEART reviews our company’s policies and business processes that affect people with disabilities.

HEART drives business.

Through our large affinity network, HEART works to identify marketing opportunities for products and services tailored to people with disabilities.

HEART promotes education.

By offering support, education and networking opportunities for people with disabilities, from birth or acquired, and those with special needs, HEART touches all employees or their family members, partners, friends and acquaintances.


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