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Our World: Contributing Solutions to Our Society’s Biggest Challenges

The sustainability of our world and wellbeing of its people are paramount. We are committed to making a difference and empowering others to do the same.

Our expertise, skills and resources can help investors intelligently finance solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. We promote environmentally sustainable practices and support initiatives designed to improve people’s lives for the long term.


Determined to Make a Difference

$63 billion

$63 billion in responsibly screened assets*

*Exclusionary and positively screened assets under management

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Zero net carbon emissions*

*BNY Mellon is carbon neutral for scope 1 and scope 2, as well as scope 3 business travel greenhouse gas emissions for 2015

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$40 million in company, foundation and employee giving in 2015

Social Finance

We believe that bringing social finance to scale is key to enabling positive change in society and for the environment. We are leveraging our collective financial market knowledge, skills and resources to help scale social finance.

Enabling Positive Change Through Investments

Research has estimated that trillions of dollars will be needed in the coming decades to fund innovative solutions that meet the increasing demands facing our society. We see untapped potential in social finance as increasing numbers of investors seek to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks into their investment decisions and capitalizing on new investment opportunities to make a positive impact.

Our expertise, skills and resources can help investors intelligently finance solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. We promote environmentally sustainable practices and support initiatives designed to improve people’s lives for the long-term.

“We need to address the issues…that make investors who invest primarily for financial performance turn away. We need to remove the barriers, and we can.”

Karen Peetz


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In 2015, we endeavored to discover why social finance hasn’t scaled in the past and what is needed to extend and broaden its recent growth.

We assessed the existing market structure to address ESG issues, identified some of the challenges to greater and more effective deployment of capital, and provided recommendations to address those challenges.

Delivering Innovative Social Finance Solutions

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We bring the breadth of our business to bear in delivering social finance solutions for clients, and our capabilities continue to grow.

We are focusing on understanding the changing nature of our clients’ needs, refining our offerings to best serve them. These are examples of our current social finance products and services across the firm.

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Helping Clients Invest Responsibly: Investment Management

Social Finance offerings include strategies that employ values screening, full ESG integration, and active engagement of companies.

With skilled, experienced investment professionals, we help clients to choose the solutions that meet their objectives. Our investment teams offer a wide range of well-diversified and customizable investment strategies.

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BNY Mellon is the first depositary bank to offer ESG Advisory Solutions to issuer clients.

Our Depositary Receipts business plays a major role in helping securities issuers access the world’s financial markets. We now help them develop an effective ESG strategy that’s fully integrated into capital markets and investor relations activities.

Supporting Client ESG Needs with a Range of Solutions: Corporate Trust

  • Green Bonds

    We administer debt securities that raise proceeds to fund projects with specific environmental benefits, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. BNY Mellon Corporate Trust has observer status for The Green Bond Principles. We remain at the forefront of market developments through our engagement with associations that lead initiatives in support of green bond market growth.


  • Environmental Trusts & Escrows

    We help clients to comply with financial responsibility requirements enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other commissions for environmental issues ranging from chemical emissions to nuclear decommissioning.


  • Insurance-Linked Securities

    We administer alternative reinsurance capital financings such as catastrophe bonds, which reduce the cost of reinsuring risk from natural disasters, and longevity risk swaps, which help pension funds adjust to demographic changes. These products and solutions ultimately help make communities more financially secure, and we anticipate demand increasing as the impacts of issues such as global population growth and climate change become more widely felt.

    Learn more


  • Project Finance and Public Private Partnerships

    Infrastructure systems around the world will require extensive upgrades if they are to withstand current environmental and economic stresses. As economies recover, urban areas continue to expand and populations grow at a rapid pace, the demand is strong for infrastructure, civic and energy investments. We administer financing arrangements for the construction or renewal of infrastructure systems, from renewable energy to public works projects.

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  • Social Housing Bonds

    In the UK, we have supported social housing infrastructure by administering the bond financings issued by local housing authorities. These financings help to fund the construction or renewal of social and affordable housing, and can help to improve the lives of vulnerable people.


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Providing ESG Screening for 10+ Years: Asset Servicing

120 clients use the service across 570 distinct rules or screens on ESG criteria.

Common screens include: human rights, country ties to terrorism, alcohol, weapons and military, animal welfare, tobacco, adult entertainment and environment.


Community Commitment

We enable positive change through philanthropic donations and social investments, and empower our employees to use their skills and resources to make a difference. We prioritize the preservation of human rights and promote responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

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In 2015, total employee, foundation and company contributions to charities increased to just under $40 million, and employee volunteer hours hit 140,000.


Impact of Powering Potential 2015
Through our philanthropic focus, Powering Potential, we provide vital support and workforce development opportunities to those in need.

In 2015, we continued to work with our community partners to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and workforce development opportunities for underrepresented groups. Over the past six years, we estimate that this support has helped more than 100,000 people around the world. Learn more

Supporting our Employees and Causes They Care About

Employees have powerful memories of the impact they’ve been able to have by getting involved and supporting their communities.

Through our Community Partnership program, employees can volunteer, donate and fundraise for the organizations they care about and receive matching company donations and paid time off to volunteer.


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See how BNY Mellon’s impact investment through UpPrize is furthering one company’s ability to use data to help law enforcement combat human trafficking.

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Rule of Law helps strengthen human rights and can facilitate an environment of safety and equality for citizens and businesses.

What good is building a school in a developing nation if a girl is afraid to walk on the streets to get there? If no strong contract laws are in place, how can someone who receives a microfinance loan make his or her small business a success?


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Our legal teams worked with the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) to initiate The Name Change Project.

When undergoing an identity transition — such as changing from a male to female gender name — people often face expensive and challenging legal hurdles. This project has benefited thousands of transgender people by connecting them with volunteer attorneys.

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Our professionals recently joined forces to develop a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, free online tax resource to assist same-sex couples in the U.S. in navigating state tax laws and reporting regulations.

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As a practicing advocate of responsible business practices, we strive to hold our suppliers – and our suppliers’ suppliers – to the same set of standards to which we hold ourselves. Our Supplier Code of Conduct clearly lays out our expectations for suppliers and their social responsibility commitments.


Environmental Management

As an integral part of the world's financial ecosystem, we have the capacity — and a strong moral responsibility — to be leaders. Taking action to help mitigate climate change and preserve natural resources is important to our clients, investors and our world.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality


Achieving Carbon Neutrality Infographic
We are carbon neutral for scope 1 and scope 2, as well as scope 3 business travel greenhouse gas emissions.

After reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% since 2008, excluding datacenters, we matched our remaining emissions with the purchase of carbon offsets and renewable energy products. Learn more

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Minimizing our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Since 2008, we have reduced our scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions, excluding data centers, by 42 percent.

Powering Our Datacenters Efficiently Infographic
Powering Our Datacenters Efficiently

We are both an investments company and a technology company, and powering our data centers requires large amounts of energy. We work to use energy as efficiently as possible while meeting our data storage needs. Our efficiency practices saved 44 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in 2015.

In 2015, our savings could provide energy for 4000 US homes for one year

Saving Energy has Big Implications

The amount of energy that we saved in 2015 by employing data center efficiency techniques could power more than 4,000 homes in the U.S. for one year.

Source: Calculation based on average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer in 2014, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration


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Diverting Nearly 70% of Our Waste from Landfills

Reinforced with employee education and engagement, we utilize binless desk-side and central-collection programs, recycle our electronics, and work with our suppliers to provide products that are composed of recycled material and can be recycled at the end of their use.

Paper use reduction since 2008

Reducing Office Paper Purchased in the U.S. by over 60%

We empower employees to make informed choices about paper use though our “PaperWise” initiative. In addition to our U.S. reduction in paper purchases, we’ve reduced our usage in the EMEA region by 56% since 2011.

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Our Sustainability Ambassadors program empowers employees to create new initiatives, provides behind-the-scenes education about our sustainability program, and recognizes employees for their dedication, inspiration and influence.

We are driving positive change for our company and the world.

As a global investments company, we’re invested in our markets, our people and our world. In the 35 countries and more than 100 markets where we do business, corporate social responsibility enables us to drive lasting impact. And we’re committed to creating an inclusive, sustainable world that helps people succeed and economies to thrive.

Learn more about how we are invested in our markets, our people and our world.

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