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Hear From Our Leaders on CSR

Gerald Hassell

Invigorated By Change

"These changes are invigorating, pushing us to expand our thinking, evolve our culture and elevate our ambitions."

— Gerald L. Hassell, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Monique R. Herena

Invested in Change from Within

"We’re extremely proud of the positive impacts our CSR programs have made, but we know we can do more."

— Monique R. Herena, Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Affairs

Todd Gibbons

Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Long Term-Value

"Managing environmental risks and promoting a healthy environment for our employees and communities is critical to business longevity and long-term value."

— Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Clearing, Markets and Client Management

Stephan Bonte

Delivering Sustainable Solutions to Fixed Income Investors

“When sustainability values ultimately enhance investment value, this supports success in maximizing expected returns and mitigating risk, the cornerstone of our investment process."

— Stephan Bonte, CFA, Head of Sustainable Investing at Standish Mellon Asset Management Company LLC

Democratization of Social Investing

Democratization of Social Investing

"As we respond to clients’ ESG interest ... we also see power in democratizing access to social investing solutions so individual investors are able to take advantage of the same products and services that major institutional and philanthropic investors can today."

— Charlie Goodwin, Managing Director, Head of Public Finance

Frances Barney

How Asset Servicing is Innovating with New Partners

"Social and environmental impacts are fast becoming essential, mainstream investment considerations. But investors need more and better tools to inform their decision making."

— Frances Barney, CFA, Head of Global Risk Solutions at BNY Mellon

Heidi DuBois

Heightening CSR Impact through a Culture of Purpose

"At BNY Mellon, we see the future of CSR as fostering a purpose-driven culture that motivates all leaders and employees to positively impact the world in their day-to-day work."

— Heidi DuBois, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Investing

Craig T. Beazer

Building Trust through Dialogue

"We have taken affirmative steps to enhance our governance mechanisms. In many circumstances, we aim to be leaders in this arena."

— Craig T. Beazer, Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Sudish Panicker

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in India

"BNY Mellon India has a unique competitive advantage of bringing India’s diverse cultures and talents together to make us truly successful."

— Sudish Panicker, Head of BNY Mellon India

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