Climate change impacts are intensifying

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from human activities are at the highest levels ever, spurring extreme weather events, reducing crop yields and causing sea levels to rise. The negative impacts on societies and our natural resources are intensifying.

Why Climate Change Matters

The effects of climate change call for urgent action.

We must combat climate change to help protect health, economic growth and energy supplies. BNY Mellon supports low-carbon development investments that mitigate climate change. In our operations, we are increasing renewable energy use and reducing consumption of energy, paper and water.


UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) icon

We support SDG 13, which encourages urgent action to combat climate change and its effects on lives and communities.

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Brazil Gets Greener

Brazil could become one of the world’s biggest green investment markets; a $1 billion green bond administered by BNY Mellon is a step forward.

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Getting on Board with EVs

Newton’s ESG approach to an electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer focuses on sustainable sourcing and strong supply chain management.


aerial view of flooded residential area

Cat Bonds Bridge the Protection Gap

Catastrophe (CAT) bonds are both a disaster risk mitigation tool and vehicle for potentially attractive rates of return, fueling recent popularity.

man with hard hat under arm looks towards industrial plant

Small Ask, Big Impact

Active equity investors at BNY Mellon AMNA push oil and gas companies to more prominently discuss environmental and safety performance with investors.

a marshy area sits not far from ocean

Taming Floodwaters in India

Extreme weather can devastate communities that rely on farming. BNY Mellon India helped four flood-prone villages turn the risk into opportunity.

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Active Support for Passive House

BNY Mellon finances Passive House projects, in which design principles help mitigate climate change and reduce energy costs.

wind turbine in wide open green field

The Future of Energy in Lithuania

Supported by BNY Mellon Corporate Trust, Lietuvos Energija issued the first international corporate green bond in Central and Eastern Europe.

3D stock chart in blue and green

Green Securities Growing

Representatives from BNY Mellon and the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) discuss the evolution of the green securities market.


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Green Bond Opportunity

Green bonds are capturing attention from investors who want to help move the world to a more sustainable future while generating financial returns. With the acceleration of the market, BNY Mellon supports its clients in leveraging green bond investments.

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