Investment Servicing & Information Management

Through BNY Mellon’s world-class custody services, we make sure our clients’ assets and information are secure and that every detail is well covered with comprehensive reporting.

To this end, we provide a range of services that include complete custody and administration services, customized reporting and performance analytics.

  • Global Custody
  • Information Reporting
  • Performance Measurement & Analysis
  • Cash Processing
  • Partnership Accounting


Access your investment, banking and CMAA accounts or your BNY Mellon business banking relationship.



CEO Catherine Keating on Bloomberg TV

At the Milk Institute’s Global Conference, CEO Catherine Keating spoke with Bloomberg TV’s Carol Massar about the growing interest in private equity investing, the resilience of the current bull market and the increasing significance of women investors in the wealth industry.


Our Thinking

Assembling Your Divorce Team

To be effective, your team should have a deep understanding of your financial situation, family structure and long-term goals.

Preparing Your Children for Their Inheritance

Many wealthy parents worry about how best to prepare their children for their inheritance. With the right help, it's possible to foster financial maturity without creating a sense of entitlement.

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