Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

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A New-look Service

Welcome to our fresh lineup of foreign exchange services at BNY Mellon.

Our unique take on FX reflects the significant investment in technology and people we’ve made over the past three years. During this time, we’ve partnered with leading software developers to provide you with a stateof- the-art offering that will stand the test of time.

We aim to offer a comprehensive solution that meets all of your trading, hedging and payment needs, all in one place. We are as nimble and dynamic as a start-up, but we’re backed by the experience and trust of a 200-year-old bank.

I encourage you to take a look at our new service lineup and experience our fresh approach to FX; I think you’ll notice a difference.

— Jason Vitale, Global Head of Foreign Exchange


BNY Mellon Recognized in Euromoney FX Rankings

We’ve been busy building a new-look foreign exchange offering and the work is paying off! We just ranked 15th in the 2020 Euromoney FX Survey, validating our significant investments in trading, sales and strategy as well as our expanding capabilities and recent service enhancements.

BNY Mellon FX At-a-Glance

    • Spot

    • Swaps/Forwards

    • Options

    • Non-Deliverable Forwards

    • Electronic

    • Voice

    • FX Overlay

    • FX Payments

    • FX Prime Brokerage

    • Session Range

    • Defined Spread

    • Benchmark

    • Bespoke

    • Algos

  • Choose how you execute — passive or actively, RFQ or streaming.

    • Connect with us directly or through all the major FX platforms

    • Transact in over 125 currencies

    • Global presence in all major financial centers


Our Approach

As one of the world’s largest custodians, we have a unique, aerial view of foreign exchange.

It’s this insight, along with decades spent helping clients navigate the global markets, that enables us to better meet your FX requirements.

So what’s different about BNY Mellon?

  • Transparency & Trust We’ve got a client franchise second to none, and that’s largely because of our client-focused approach to managing your assets.
  • Creditworthiness BNY Mellon provides the confidence that only a strong A-rating instills — an important consideration for many clients.
  • Comprehensiveness We’re equipped to provide all the services you are likely to need, with the benefit of a cost-efficient and integrated workflow.
  • Connectivity By partnering with leading third-party platforms, and providing direct access to our e-trading capabilities, we’re making it easier for you to trade.
  • Unrivaled Insight Our global team of seasoned commentators furnishes you with the perspective that only a firm with access to deep flows of funds information can provide.

Our Thinking

abstract line graph

The Challenges of Losing Libor

The replacement of LIBOR is poised to be a once-in-a-generation event. With trading and issuance tied to SOFR and other benchmarks, we explore efforts afoot to reengineer financial markets.

Bank Building

Assault on Central Banks

With increasing criticism of today’s policy decisions, is the era of independent central banking over?

Crypto's Next Act

Crypto’s Next Act

Can digital currencies become a core asset class in the portfolios of institutional investors?

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The Aerial View

The Aerial View delivers perceptive, reliable and succinct financial commentary, sharing unique perspectives honed by our commentators’ decades of experience in FX, fixed income and equity markets.


Currency Administration with BNY Mellon

Currency hedging strategies help funds to mitigate currency volatility risk. Fund investors are becoming increasingly aware of this risk and are asking more questions about a fund’s currency hedging program. In addition, the execution, timing and capabilities around a currency hedging program can have a significant impact on the end investor’s implicit costs.

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