We offer global access to your electronic banking information via a system featuring streamlined reporting and enhanced payment capabilities that boost efficiency and enable strategic decision making.

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  • Insight

    Streamline your liquidity management process via payment trend data to meet your payment needs


    View real-time and historical intraday cash and liquidity information across multiple accounts


    Gain real-time access to intra-day and previous day account information to help you determine your cash position and reconcile accounts

  • Convenience

    Initiate transactions (e.g., stop payments, positive pay, ACH, wire) and receive online confirmations


    Improve automation and reduce expenses with file-based (e.g., BAI, EDI and SWIFT) payment and remittance options

    customer service

    Access BNY Mellon Treasury Services' Internet Customer Service

  • Security

    Take action on potentially fraudulent items


    Set up and maintain user security profiles

    org chart

    Specify access privileges for individuals within your organization


TreasuryEdge Mobile is an innovative technology that continues to provide you with the data and transactional capabilities that you need in the office, on the road or wherever your work day my take you – from the convenience of your Apple iPad®.

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