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We seek to be your long-term partner by providing best-in-class service and continually earn our reputation as the gold standard.

Corporate Trust is our core business and competency, and we take our commitment to remain unbiased seriously. We utilize our global footprint to deliver a full range of issuer and related investor services across a wide array of program types.

See how we are setting the standard for debt infrastructure and execution.


  • Gold Standard
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    Our size and scale gives you access to resources and capabilities that are unrivaled in the marketplace.


    Our organizational strength and sophistication earns us top ratings–we are the market’s “safe harbor” for all types of transactions.

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    Our scope of expertise helps clients navigate new, complex structures, as well as traditional trust programs.

  • Independent

    We are the counterparty’s counterparty and our interests are aligned with our clients.


    We have a decades-long history of being consultative and collaborative with our clients.


    We are independent, strategic thought-leaders. We take our commitment to remain unbiased seriously, so you get the best execution.

  • Experienced

    Our global reach, intellectual capital and extensive industry relationships are unrivaled, and built over decades of experience.


    Our teams have superior global expertise and a long-term reputation for excellence.


    Our commitment to our client relationships has never been stronger. Corporate Trust remains our core business and competency.


Business Insights

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Risk retention is finally here, but the rule is practically old news for the CLO market. Given that managers have had two years to prepare their compliance models, market players are focused on new set of challenges and risk factors on the horizon.

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The insurance sector faces many challenges – from managing balance sheets in a low yield environment, to keeping pace with regulatory change, and delivering profitability with an eye on the evolving competitive and technological landscape. And it doesn’t stop there.

BNY Mellon is a recognized provider of Escrow Agency services.

Our global reach, organizational sophistication and strong credit ratings consistently earn us a top ranking as one of the global financial industry’s safest banks. Whatever the size of your deal or location, we offer comprehensive, multi-currency and cross-border capabilities to administer virtually any financial asset worldwide.

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The potential of public-private partnerships (P3s) to develop into a major means of funding in the U.S. has been long-heralded but slow to materialize. On October 5 in New York City, The Bond Buyer hosted an executive roundtable to discuss whether that may now be changing.

BNY Mellon: Administrative Agent Solutions

From named agent to successor agent to private label, BNY Mellon is your loan agency servicing solution.

We are renowned for our global reach, deep expertise, and commitment to our clients – and the loan agency space is no exception. Our highly experienced Administrative Agent team has an average of over 15 years in the business with deep product knowledge and broad expertise.

Loan portfolio and facilities information as of June 2016.


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Captive insurers face an evolving regulatory, financial and enterprise risk management landscape. They’re responding to these changes by adapting strategies to maximize value for their corporate sponsors and creating interesting trends across the industry.

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We’re invested in helping make infrastructure and energy investments a reality. BNY Mellon Corporate Trust can help meet the demand for financing  long-term infrastructure and energy projects with our project finance administration services.

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Market and regulatory dynamics have encouraged dramatic change in investor and bank attitudes to illiquid instruments in recent years.

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Listen to our experts share BNY Mellon’s insight and capabilities that help support public and not for profit clients as they navigate the evolving regulations.

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As one of the world’s leading financial services companies, we can leverage our market leadership and investment expertise to act as a catalyst for positive change.


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Our teams have superior global expertise and a long-term reputation for excellence.

Our commitment to our client relationships has never been stronger, Corporate Trust remains our core business and competency.

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