Improved oversight, greater efficiency and better insights

Our digital transformation centers on embedding the client experience in everything we do. We are changing each process, product and client interaction so our clients can generate alpha, manage beta, streamline processes and more effectively serve their own clients.

Today our clients are using our solutions to accelerate information delivery, transform their oversight functions and increase transparency. With our robust data and analytics capabilities, our clients are uncovering deeper insights that help them simplify workflows and increase efficiencies across their front, middle and back offices.

You deserve a service provider who can help make it easier for you to do your best work.

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Custody Services APIs

What good is data if you only get it once a day?

The Custody Services suite of APIs offers direct, free-flowing data interaction for access to near real-time information, anytime you want it.




Access to analytical insights and digital solutions across the investment lifecycle from a central digital ecosystem.




Interactive Reporting

Powerful reporting tools to customize reports and automate delivery through scheduling and distribution



Seamlessly integrate data from our platform directly into your own applications and platform


Data Extracts

On-demand access to your data from multiple BNY Mellon sources from a single platform


Open Architecture

Flexibility to integrate with best-in-class third-party applications and platforms


  • Transparency with a leaner oversight model.

    Streamline your oversight function by eliminating manual work for NAV construction, custody transactions, cash reporting and tax reclaim processing, while demonstrating proper oversight of your trusted provider(s) to your board and regulators.

    Example solutions include:

    • Enterprise Cash Solutions
    • Projected Cash Balances
    • Trade Lifecycle Status
    • Multi-Custodian NAV Oversight and Impact
    • Interactive Regulatory Solutions
    • Tax Reclaim Portal
    • Trade Status Widget
    • Projected Closing Balances
    • Share Class Analysis by Broker-Dealer
  • Simplify your workflows.

    Increase your operational efficiency and agility with a powerful set of solutions embedded into our core services that help simplify and automate the way you work.

    Examples include:

    • Instruction Capture and File Transfer Widget
    • Client Account and Activation Portal
    • Outbound Wire and Payments Widget
    • Document Management Solutions
  • Consistently deliver on your investment strategy.

    Gain the perspective and transparency you need to achieve your clients’ goals, reduce operational complexity and deliver richer data with our modular digital solutions.

    Examples include:

    • Multi-day Transfer Agency Cash Projections
    • Liquidity Management Dashboard
    • Multi-asset class ex-post performance and attribution
    • ESG Analytics
  • Illuminate business opportunities.

    Enhance your market access and distribution potential by equipping your sales teams with deeper insights that enable more focused conversations with consultants, boards and asset managers.

    Examples include:

  • Streamline processes, enhance controls and minimize failure points.

    Enhance responsiveness during unscheduled market events and regulatory changes. Our solutions help you keep an eye on your fund activity across the entire investing process and compare, evaluate and understand the impact of investment decisions.

    Examples include:

    • Interactive Regulatory Solutions
    • Ex-ante and ex-post risk analytics
  • Infuse your investing decisions with deep insight.

    BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions equips you with the tools for utilizing data in the front, middle and back office. Operating with the skill and agility of a fintech, Data and Analytics Solutions is a software and content offering built upon an open ecosystem of working with leading technology providers.

    Learn more about Data and Analytics Solutions

Business Insights

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2020 and Beyond

The global investment industry is on the cusp of an initial wave of disruption and our competitive landscape and market outlook are shifting. It is paramount that institutional investors such as yourself consider how such trends will impact the growth of your organizations.

With our vision of engineering a flexible, robust and efficient data-driven open architecture, we will work together with you to tackle the challenges and position you for growth and success.

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