Alternative Investment Services

Alternative Investment Services

BNY Mellon offers innovative services developed exclusively for alternative investments. We provide a powerful platform to help clients manage the operations of hedge fund, fund of hedge fund, private equity and real estate assets.

Providing seamless operational support to alternative asset managers.

By integrating a full range of services, including custody, cash management, accounting and administration and investor services, we help alternative investment managers to maintain their investment focus while we support fund operations.

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Improving Credit and Private Debt PMAR

The COVID-19 pandemic has put additional pressure on credit and debt managers in an area that is already a challenge – the measurement and reporting of risk and performance. Peter Salvage and Frances Barney look at what fund managers can do to help address this challenge.

Real Estate: COVID-19 and Its Aftermath

Dermot Finnegan, Global Head of Real Estate Fund Administration, BNY Mellon and Neal Armstrong, Director of Real Estate, BNY Mellon and a NCREIF Board Member, examine the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate sector and what the global policy response has been so far.

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How is COVID-19 Affecting Private Credit Valuations?

Private debt valuation has become a major topic among alternative credit managers as the effects of COVID-19 reverberate through the market.

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Managing Alternative Assets in Turbulent Times

The escalation of the coronavirus crisis and subsequent shutdown of much of the global economy has had a dramatic impact on many financial markets and asset prices. Alan Flanagan, Global Head of Alternatives, Managing Director, BNY Mellon looks at how increased volatility and economic uncertainty might affect valuation, liquidity and operational issues for various alternative asset classes.

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In Conversation with David Leuschen

BNY Mellon's Peter Salvage talks with David Leuschen, founder of energy-focused private equity firm Riverstone Holdings, about the energy sector and why Riverstone's future fundraising will be more climate change-sensitive.

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Artificial Intelligence Sweeps Hedge Funds

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, has featured heavily in industry innovation headlines for some time. Yet for all the excitement and promise, the uptake in the hedge fund industry has been limited – until recently.

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Introducing the COEBI

There is a role within the alternatives firm C-suite that is widely held, often overlooked and massively underestimated. The role touches every corner of the organization but is difficult to contain within a job description.

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Private Debt: Focus on Liquidity as Sector Scales New Heights

BNY Mellon experts discuss the growing interest in private debt among sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds.

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How Hedge Funds Could Win Back Sovereign Wealth Funds

BNY Mellon's Scott Coey looks at how hedge funds need to understand and respond to sovereign wealth funds’ concerns and priorities.

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The Race for Assets

Allocations to alternative assets are increasing. What’s driving this shift?

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Launching Alternative Funds in Europe: Easier Than You Think

Europe continues to offer alternative investment managers attractive fund raising opportunities. With the right partners, setting up and managing a European vehicle can be straightforward.

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A New, Alternatives-Focused Investor Reality

This paper outlines the main trends in alternatives in the Asian institutional investor context, and explores how asset servicing can support new investor goals.

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Alternative Investment Services: A Look Ahead

Frank La Salla, CEO of Alternative Investment Services, discusses opportunities within this fast-growing segment and how BNY Mellon is well-positioned to support alternative investment managers and hedge funds.

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Time is of the Essence

A compression of legal negotiations around AIFMD to the last months and weeks is not in anybody’s interest, says Rolf Bachner 

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