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October 2014

BNY Mellon Receives Collateral Manager of the Year

BNY Mellon received the 2014 Collateral Manager of the Year award from Asia Risk. This award reflects BNY Mellon’s innovation and the significant growth in our tri-party business in Asia-Pacific. A long-standing provider of collateral management services in Asia-Pacific, BNY Mellon helps solve clients’ collateral needs. We provide dedicated support and specialized services to clients based in Asia-Pacific and to institutions worldwide who invest in the region.

This is the second consecutive year in which BNY Mellon has won this award from Asia Risk. Earlier in 2014, BNY Mellon was named Best in Collateral Management at The Asset Triple A Asset Servicing Awards.

Learn more by downloading Asia Risk Awards 2014: Collateral Manager of the Year.


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