Invested in Corporate Treasury Solutions

Invested in Corporate Treasury Solutions

September 2015


Joanne Scheier, Corporate Segment Market Manager, BNY Mellon Treasury Services, discusses our commitment to the corporate segment.

Committed to Delivering Quality Working Capital Management Services That Meet Today's Business Demands

In the past, corporate treasury needs were pretty straight forward – moving and applying funds fast and efficiently were the main cornerstones of an effective cash management operation. Today, things are more complicated. Corporations face challenges that require navigating the rigorous demands of evolving technology developments, regulatory requirements and fluctuating global markets – not to mention the needs of increasingly sophisticated (and demanding) customers and vendors. Add to that your need to continually control expenses and achieve process efficiency within tight risk-management guidelines – and running a successful treasury operation becomes far from simple.

At BNY Mellon Treasury Services, we not only understand what those changes mean for your company, we have the solutions to help you manage your treasury function to accommodate those challenges. With a long history of award-winning solutions serving as our foundation, our commitment to servicing the business needs of U.S. corporations today has never been stronger.

The statement, “We continue to maintain the largest wholly-owned retail lockbox network available today” is based on the Ernst & Young 2014 Cash Management Services Survey.