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BNY Mellon believes in forging strong supplier relationships. We rely on our suppliers for a multitude of products and services to support all of our business lines and affiliates. In the financial services arena — just as in the manufacturing industry — developing sound supplier relationships helps to improve performance and market position.

We are interested in the value you can bring to BNY Mellon. We not only want to know what products and services you offer, we want to be sure our relationship will be a good fit for both your business and ours.

The information here will help define our expectations of suppliers, including ways you can communicate your company's value proposition to BNY Mellon. You will also find a definition of our sourcing philosophy, including the process we employ to achieve our goals as well as general information about our Company.





Supplier Development Program

Supplier diversity is an important component of BNY Mellon's corporate business strategy. Through our Supplier Development Program, we continue to take positive steps in building and maintaining a diverse supplier base. We work closely with our existing small and diverse suppliers to expand their opportunities within the Corporation, providing our guidance and support as needed to prepare them to bid on new business with us. We collaborate with organizations focused on the economic development and growth of companies. This commitment to the economic growth and development of small and diverse businesses has the full support of our corporate leadership.

Through our membership and participation in the diversity supplier organizations, as well as our involvement in trade shows and support and sponsorship of other business events, we actively look to identify new sources of qualified diversity suppliers. In addition, we are continuously assessing our performance against industry best practices, and we often work with our major suppliers to identify joint venture opportunities, as well as mentoring diversity suppliers with whom we hope to work in the future. Supplier diversity not only makes good business sense, it's our policy, our commitment and our corporate responsibility.

We hope this information will help you find the right combination to unlock your business opportunities at BNY Mellon.

Supplier Ethics

At BNY Mellon, our reputation for integrity, honesty and accountability is essential to achieve our goal of becoming the best performing financial services company. Our customers and shareholders expect BNY Mellon and all of its employees to conduct business activities in accordance with the highest possible standards of ethical conduct.

Likewise, we maintain all supplier relationships on the highest ethical basis and solely on the merit of quality, innovation, performance and cost effectiveness. These relationships are important for the continued success of BNY Mellon and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Our policy dictates that employees of BNY Mellon and related subsidiaries and entities may not:

  • Solicit or accept anything of value in return for BNY Mellon business, services or confidential information;
  • Give cash gifts to, or accept cash gifts from a supplier, customer or person to whom they refer business;
  • Accept any gifts or discounts beyond normal business courtesy and of nominal value

To avoid even the appearance of impropriety, any possible conflict of interest, potentially embarrassing situations, jeopardy to our relationship with your company, or jeopardy to the employment of our employees, we ask for your support of this policy and assurance that it has been communicated to the appropriate officers and employees within your company.

The company's Ethics Office operates an Ethics Help Line, a confidential and anonymous place to ask questions or report concerns concerning conduct that is, or appears to be, inconsistent with our Code of Conduct. The Ethics Help Line can be accessed by toll-free phone, via e-mail or through the postal service.

Anyone who is uncomfortable contacting the company directly can report his or her concern confidentially and anonymously directly to the Ethics Hot Line by contacting Ethics Point®, an independent hotline administrator. The Ethics Hot Line can be accessed by toll-free phone, via a secure Internet site or through the postal service.

BNY Mellon Global Procurement is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY. Our principal locations are:

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