An innovative pay-by-bank solution to improve the customer value chain.

BNY Mellon’s Bankify solutions can help provide cost-effective and seamless payment services. Bankify was designed to offer an alternative to fees that are associated with card payment methods and make it easier for your customers to pay using their bank account. Settlement guarantees for ACH returns – unique to Bankify – can help mitigate settlement and fraud risk. Bankify can also help boost your account creation and user-onboarding processes through consumer-permissioned data.


How can open banking solutions enhance the payments experience for you and your customers? 




Frictionless API-powered account linking and data retrieval. Help strengthen your fraud mitigation efforts by authenticating accounts and validating ownership in real-time. 


A secure and convenient way for your customers to pay you via our trusted ACH services for a lower cost alternative solution to card payments.


Sole provider of innovative open banking payments solution in the U.S. with optional guarantee services designed to reduce settlement risk by protecting you against ACH returns due to insufficient funds and administrative errors.

Potential Bankify benefits

Systemic two-factor authentication boosts account linking and data-retrieval accuracy. API connections feature bank-grade data.

Avoid costly card payments via lower-cost ACH transaction processing that allows for Same Day settlement, a more cost-effective payment option than others currently available in the market. 

Frictionless user interface that encourages fast and easy sign ups with no bank account or routing numbers needed can help lower abandonment rates.

Fraud mitigation efforts strengthened by account validation in real-time

Reducing friction in your customers’ payment process without compromising your efforts to maintain their payment data integrity is key. Through an API-enabled user interface, BNY Mellon’s Bankify solutions immediately authenticate accounts and bank-sourced data with end-user permission.

Global Treasury management solutions

With perspectives that go beyond common knowledge, our deeper level of market insight can help equip you for what lies ahead—whether it's facilitating faster, frictionless payments, offering intelligent cash management solutions, forward-minded FX, or simplifying cross-border transactions and global trade finance solutions.

Jennifer Barker Quote - "We are taking a collaborative and visionary approach to help accelerate BNY Mellon's innovation strategy"
Jennifer Barker Quote - "We are taking a collaborative and visionary approach to help accelerate BNY Mellon's innovation strategy"

Open Banking in the U.S.: the State of Play

Carl Slabicki, Co-Head of Global Payments for BNY Mellon’s Treasury Services, explores open banking’s development in the U.S., how it is transforming B2C payments, and what more can be done to maximize its potential.

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