Middle Office

Our Middle Office Solutions Support Critical End-to-End Investment Analysis


With sustainable, scalable and modular services that support the evolving needs of asset managers, our capabilities position clients for strategic growth across regions and product lines amid rapid changes in investment complexity and regulations.


We help you manage complexity—from system integration to trade support to new product launch and distribution across global geographies—so you can reduce operational risk and have greater transparency to grow your business.


Enable new trading strategies, new asset types and new markets

Our Trade Support Service offers a scalable infrastructure to seamlessly manage post-trade execution lifecycle for marketable, foreign exchange and derivative assets.


The solution provides a single point of entry to capture trades and instructions from clients, offers support for multiple client order management systems, and supports multiple trade capture formats. Our capabilities are underpinned by a global operating team comprised of subject matter experts with deep industry expertise in the investment management industry.


Key Features:

  • Trade Monitoring, Fail Management and Settlement Support
  • Trade Capture
  • Trade Enrichment
  • Trade Notification
  • Soft deal notification, outside custodians and third parties
  • Broker Confirmation, Resolution and Reporting

Minimize operational risk through highly automated processes

Flexible data capture easily integrates multiple formats of client data and integrated derivatives and collateral platform with leading market utilities.


  • Flexible, electronic trade capture and third-party transaction notification
  • Confirmation, affirmation, and matching services against counterparties, clearing, and prime brokers
  • Innovative APIs that enable easier access to capabilities
  • Full lifecycle management with independent monitoring, calculating and processing
  • Independent variation margin calculation, reconcile against counterparties, and instruct custodians
  • Margin management, including collateral posting, settlement, and resolution, and escalations

Efficiently tracks loans reducing operational and technical resource needs

Bank loan processing is integrated within our Middle Office platform enabling a portfolio accounting view of a broad range of instruments including bank loans. A flexible data capture and delivery capability at both the facility and contract level accommodates a variety of client data requirements.

Key Features:

  • Flexible trade capture processing
  • Investment valuation reporting
  • Cash and position reconciliation with Custodians and Agent Banks

Integrated platform to improve transparency and enhance operational efficiencies

BNY Mellon’s investment book of record service helps you make informed investment decisions with an accurate trade date view of cash and holdings. A global model supports all time zones to provide investable balances to portfolio managers in time for local market openings.


Investment Book of Record services are bundled with custodian reconciliation and corporate actions to form a robust servicing module.

Key Features:

  • Portfolio Accounting
  • Cash
  • Reconciliation
  • Corporate Actions

Sophisticated tools to facilitate investment analysis and oversight process

Powerful, easy-to-use tools provide the ability to customize your analysis to efficiently interpret investment results. Daily performance measurement is available at the instrument, classification, currency, portfolio and aggregate reporting levels. Our comprehensive analytical solution enables valuable portfolio insights through standard and customizable reports. Market index data is integrated with the platform’s core analytical functionality facilitating benchmark relative attribution measurement.

Key Features:

  • Multiple types of return including after-tax and notional valuation based results
  • Ex-post risk measurement and Ex-ante risk capabilities
  • GIPS composite management
  • Customizable, rules-based investment policy compliance monitoring

Data solutions to support critical investment analysis and decision-making

BNY Mellon can help you gain a comprehensive view of your business through our advanced data management solutions.

  • Access and manage data across product lines to reveal business insights,  enabling data-driven decision-making
  • Easy to use tools to support data sourcing, data stewardship, data management and information delivery
  • Data managed services combines our data and analytics unparalleled technological expertise with global data management tools and business services support.

Key Features:

  • Reference data management integrating data from trading, analytics, pricing and accounting
  • Ability to extend performance services into the client environment
  • Design and build custom data extracts and flexible reporting solutions to meet client requirements
  • Effective, repeatable and scalable data solutions

April 2020

Looking for Stability in an Unstable World

Introducing Investment Operations Observations, a thought leadership series exploring critical insights to support the evolving needs of asset managers. Our first blog, Looking for stability in an unstable world, addresses making investment operations seamless and stable.

Our Insights

Businessman with briefcase looking over city through big windows

June 2020

Leading with Resiliency

Today’s unprecedented conditions have highlighted that few asset managers have the technological capabilities to quickly pivot their operations in a time of crisis. In our second Investment Operations Observations series, we explore the value of how outsourcing modular services to a trusted provider are proving their value during these challenging times.

December 2018

Reaping the Benefits of Disruptive Technology

A joint survey conducted by Eagle Investment Systems and Hegarty Group specifically identifies how asset managers are deploying emerging technologies. The bigger question for many, also addressed, is how organizations can take the necessary steps today to access the impending wave of innovation.

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