How Shifting Investor Trends Are Driving the Evolution of Fund Services

How Shifting Investor Trends Are Driving the Evolution of Fund Services

January 2022

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Custom Content, BNY Mellon Global Head of Fund Services Alan Flanagan reveals how sweeping changes in the investing landscape are driving advances behind the scenes in the world of fund services. Flanagan oversees businesses that provide accounting, administration and recordkeeping services for nearly $20 trillion in assets managed across mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity, ETFs and more.

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What are some key market trends that are driving change in the fund-services business? What do those changes look like?


Alan Flanagan: Digital assets are transforming the world and becoming increasingly mainstream. Likewise, the digitization trend is having a big impact on the market and how we operate. First and foremost, we are focused on enhancing and digitizing the entire client experience across BNY Mellon, delivering a suite of data solutions that can aggregate diverse sets of structured and unstructured data, which will help reduce cost and increase transparency.


Second, our end-to-end solutions form a foundation that will streamline and simplify data management, create insights across the investment life cycle and empower better decision-making.


Third is the continued augmentation of our application programming interface (API) offerings, which are focused on the accessibility of data and enable technology integrations. We have a well established and robust API library that’s used by both our clients and their respective third-party providers.

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Alan Flanagan

Global Head of Fund Services,

BNY Mellon